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Is there anyone using Xenforo for forum RP?

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I've always liked Xenforo. It was just too expensive for the longest time. I've upgraded to Xenforo last Jan from SMF and I love it/like it personally. I know that not many do, because I cannot for the LIFE of me find very good tutorials centered around, or by, role playing sites using Xenforo. I love that there's so much for SMF, myBB, phpBB, Vbulletin and jclink--but--I am starting to feel like I am adrift on my s.s. Xenforo life raft, or there's some sort of secret awesome Xenforo RP designing club I haven't found or been invited to. 

Does anyone use Xenforo here? Or anyone have helpful Xenforo tutorials such as customizing profile look/post bit customizing/RP helpful customizing or tweaks? Because if you do, I will love you forever. 


Rhydin & Beyond.

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There's three sites I know of off the top of my head that use XenForo, and two of them are general RP sites that are not dedicated to any particular setting or story:

If you can match staff usernames to Xenforo Community usernames, you might be able to figure out which addons appear to be popular with RP sites.

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Glub glub.

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