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Hello, hello, I'm Trouble aka exactly what it says on the tin aka Ferret.  I've been rping for an embarrassingly long time--- I got started on Neopets back when it was a baby and migrated into Gaia before moving further into forums.  If you're in the Dragonriders of Pern fandom at all, there's a strong chance we've already run into each other--- it was one of my favorite genres for a long, LONG time.  It's still highly nostalgic for me, although I don't know if I'll ever rp it again.  Maybe if I find the right Pern site again.  ❤️  These days, I mostly rp modern supernatural, but I have a strong interest in historical sites too!  I'm trying it out for old times' sake (yes, that pun was deliberate; no, I will NOT apologize for it). 


I LOVE horror, especially supernatural horror, but I swear I have a soft spot for romance too.   I don't know if I have a favorite book genre; mostly I have Current Obsessions rather than favorites, I think. 


I have a LOT of pets--- three cats, a dog, and several lizards.  Please don't ask unless you're ready to see pictures.  I'm like a grandma ready to show off grandbaby pictures.  Only worse because I can run faster than the typical one mile per hour hobble and I will NOT give you a headstart. 

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Welcome to the initiative! I just wanted to say OMG SAME when it comes to the pets. Hahah! (But your description was priceless.) I’ve got five cats and two guinea pigs and I would freaking love to exchange photos like grandmas. 

Reality is an illusion. 



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