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Cold Fire

Attention on your fellow idiot

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Hiya everyone! I'm Cold Fire! I'm new here so I'm kinda out of my element right now but this site is for roleplay so I'm sure I'll get comfortable soon enough. 


I've been roleplaying for years, I started officially roleplaying and not just writing down dumb scripts on Geeking before the cringy 9-year-olds took over and turned the app into a meme and a source for just ERP's and dirty chatting. I stopped roleplaying for about year because I couldn't find any roleplay partners that didn't just do one-liners or only wanted to do ERPs. 


I have a soft spot for romance roleplays because while they are the easiest for me to do, I also love seeing two people slowly fall for each other and eventually get together. I love seeing relationships progress. I hate romance movies though, I can't stand most romance movies because the relationship seemed forced or the characters get on my nerves by being too stupid or something just makes me not like it. There is only one romance movie that I like and I don't even remember its name, I know that there was a scene in the movie that made me cringe really hard though when it went into that "I'm a basic romance plot" time for a few minutes of the movie.


I love doing supernatural roleplays, I love mythology and building worlds and plots for supernatural roleplays. I often go overboard with world building and try to hand most of it over to my partner because I am afraid of making my partner uncomfortable or making them feel trapped when I make new lore or something. 


I'm just an idiot with a keyboard, nice to meet you. Bye.

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Cold Fire~

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