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Recycle or Trash

Character Recycling  

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There has been a time or two where I really missed a character after a board died or some such, so I eventually redid the character on a new board.  In general though, new board, new characters.  If I ever do re-use a character it's always with a rewritten bio to fit the setting.  I haven't done cross-genres particularly because that would take away what I consider a part of the character.  I never look at boards in order to place a character, I look at boards to see whether they are interesting in general or not.  It's hard enough finding a board, without having to fine one to suit a specific character.

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yes I recycle my Ocs in various plots / genres.   I have a urge to play them in some rp might as well keep them in use.

I created a new character for a certain rp, and it ended up being dropped too quickly, so not sure about creating new Ocs at the moment.

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I don't reuse characters as much as I reuse personalities. But any time I join a new site, it's all new characters, and if I'm borrowing inspiration from a previous character, then they will be morphed/shaped to fit the narrative/theme of the current site. So even reusing a personality, the character is still getting new inputs, backgrounds, and histories.

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