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'Other' historical eras you're interested in?

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Just a general convo - but what eras really inspire you, that you're not currently playing?


I am only currently playing medieval (12thC) Europe which is my current favourite period, but I also love WW1 and 5-9thC England. 


What are some of your fave eras for RP, or just for interest?

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I'd love to do an RP in the Mongolian period at the height of Ghenghis Khan's rule. 

Magnificent Century has given me an urge to try out an Ottoman rp, too. 


Those are the main two. 

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I'm currently not on a western forum, though I have been in the past.  I'd love a site that plays out the plains/indian wars.  Also, I used to run an antebellum south board many moons ago.  I'd love to see a legitimately awesome American Revolution forum.  My passions are Victorian and Greek History though so I'm getting my fill of them atm.  



You can find me at: 




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Watching this Netflix docu/drama and really ready to throw a Russian character on RR.

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18th Century Venice


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