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Shout out to the Gundam Wing RP Long Passed

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When I was really young, back in high school, my very first RP was on a gundam wing site. The head admin took me under his wing and made me staff... even if I barely understood the system. lol. He made me a "main character" (which I don't agree with anymore but back then I could barely understand what RP was) and RPed with me daily. His site actually got really popular but he shut it down and never reopened. I lost touch with him and wish I hadn't.  So shout out to you, gundam guy, for getting me into RP and making m first experience great. If you're out there and somehow stumble across this, hit me up. I'd love to chat with you again.

The Myst of Avsolom is an original high fantasy role play forum set in the middle ages. It has an easily digestible Lore & Plot Overview page to help new members learn about the setting and jump in.

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