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Telling Non-RPers About Your Hobby


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The majority of people I tell about RPing never get it. They always think something sexual or just a bunch of weirdos sitting in the dark in their mom's basement. 🙄

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Whenever I mention this hobby to folks outside of this sort of circle, I'll usually call it "collaborative writing" for the sake of ease. I think with the rise of popularity in D&D and other tabletop games, there are a lot more people who understand that calling something a 'roleplay' isn't necessarily sexual... but I still try to avoid it so I don't have to awkwardly explain that I'm not sharing my kinks with someone haha

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The only time I've ever had to explain roleplaying was this one time I had to tell my parents about D&D... I had to explain that I'd be busy that day, so naturally they wanted to know what I'd be doing. Basically, I just said that it's a game, and it's pretty much like acting on a play.


My dad has been to a ren faire when he visited Europe once, so it was easier to explain it to him pff. I just said "yeah, it's like that but without dressing up!"

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