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Header Image Question - Chronicles of Aereth.

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URL: https://aereth.com/


I am having a bit of an issue with getting my header image to fit and display properly on all devices. Amongst my many tech failings, I am barely at apprentice level when it comes to site graphics. LOL  Consider me the tech Village Idiot. I promise I won't be offended.

  • Details: I created a header based on the one that ships with Gaia. In fact, I named my file the same. Per the dimensions of the default header image, I made mine 1630 x 252. My main computer is a 15" MacBook Pro, my secondary device is an iPad Air. On my laptop, the image starts to repeat, on my iPad, it is cut-off. I use Chrome on both devices. When I set the image for no-repeat, it will not display at all.
  • Other Changes: Reset the wrapper width to 90%.
  • I can upload a zip of the PSD or the finished png if you need it.
  • What am I doing wrong?

Any and all help is much appreciated.

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  • Operations Mod

Ahmmm I believe what's messing you up is the automatic resizing handlers that adjust the size of it for the device viewport width. So you can either take that part out (would be background-size in the CSS for .header), or you can make the banner taller so that when it adjusts the image height re: background-size, the width doesn't become less than the banner's width space.

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