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Good bye party ideas


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I have been working in project management, so I am accustomed with project launching meeting (ie official opening) and project wrap-up meeting (ie official closure). How can it be done for a site's official closure?

I am looking forward to ideas, knowing that there would be a few more months of preparation until actually implementing them. But until the end of the year, my site will close. Our main story will end. How to close the site festively, to thank our beloved members for keeping up with us, some for as long as 9 years, some for 7 or 5?

I have a few ideas. Some of them I want to be a surprise for them. But I am looking for more ideas from you:

- there will be a youtube movie celebrating our characters and their story arcs, (we used to do for the previous volumes of the story, but never did for Caribbean Dawn)

- I am thinking about opening a future timeskip area, in the next months, allowing for threads showing some characters after a few years, so a sort of epilogue. 

- a CD with songs inspired from our story, to be sent to all members (we did some for the previous volumes of the story).

Anything else you may think of?

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If your members are willing I'd maybe set a date to do something as a community. Like watch an old colonial or pirate movie on something like Rabb.it just to get the gang together on something mundane outside of the story.


Maybe an "Always remember" badge or something? Like have a graphics artist put together some small thing that they can keep forever.


That's really all I can think of.

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The  ALWAYS REMEMBER graphic will be on the CD cover 🙂 And I can do this alone.

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This is probably silly but whenever we want to celebrate on site we play Cards Against Humanity as a group and just have a jolly good time. 

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