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Should a staff member be able to reserve playbys/faceclaims and other content?

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Really depends if you ask me. If members are allowed to reserve face claims and characters for 3 days then I expect for that admins and moderators to only be allowed to reserve said things for the same amount of time. I don't believe it to be fair nor right for the admins and moderators to be able to reserve things indefinitely.


So as long as everyone is following the same rules then I don't see any problem in it.

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If I understand correctly, what happened was that you made no mention of a playby you intended to use or only put up a WIP app (which may not have reserved the face for you according to site rules). S

I might not clearly understand the situation, but I guess my issue would be not necessarily reserving a face claim, but rather, if you were clearly apping the character with that face, it's unprofessi

I try to never do WiPs for the expression reason that I've had PBs on my applications that have actually been swiped by others. Does it suck? Yeah. I get comfortable with a particular face when I'm wr

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If there's a rule about it and as long as they stay within the time constraints for reservations, why not?

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I'm generally with everyone else on the face reserves thing. I've run boards on both ends of the spectrum, and it really just depends how involved your app process is imo.


As for staff sniping all the faces just because... No, absolutely not. I don't care how much you love *insert actor here*. Use it or loose it. I've personally kicked people off staff for being character/face hoarders. People who do that are just dragging down/holding back anyone who's involved in a thread with them, and anyone who really wants to use that face. It reflects poorly on me and the rest of my staff to let that happen. I've also been on forums where the owners were face/character hoarders to the point where if you so much as mentioned using a face before your character app was done, they'd reserve the face on you and rush out a character... Or they'd go as far as telling you "oh sorry! I was going to reserve that face, but just forgot lol" when you posted your app, and suddenly you can't use them. Its frustrating, and I left the forum pretty quickly after that.


On the wanteds thing, I don't see too much of an issue, personally, as long as they're getting filled and the staffer can keep up with activity in the thread. Unless staff are jumping on wanted threads immediately, I'd say its more symptomatic of the board's members and/or advertising practices in that they're just not active/looking at wanted threads.

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I think it depends on what rules the site has in place to begin with, regarding reservations. 

If there is a rule in place that says, for e.g. faces can be reserved for 7 days, and there is currently a reservation on that face that was put in place within that 7 day time frame then fair enough? If the reservation has expired and not been updated, you should have every right to apply using that face (or as that canon, or whatever) without issue.

Where it gets a little hairy is reservations being continually renewed and/or indefinite, but that face/canon/character never actively ending up in play. Personally I think that's not on. Neither is sniping something and putting it on reserve because a prospective member happens to be applying as that thing. 

Reservations are not something I bother with, personally. I can 100% understand the relevance of them, but I feel like if someone truly wants to use a face or apply as a character, they would act with intention and have them actively in play as a priority.

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