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Dear players... what would members like to see from admins/staff?

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It's my first time admin-ing/running a site ever and it can be hard to navigate the mire sometimes. Our site has been open for 8 months or so now (!!!) and I'm still learning stuff. So, what would members like to see from staff? How can we best support and help y'all? What are some horror stories regarding staff? Good stories? 



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We're a 3-3-3 freeform medieval fantasy RPG! Come have some coffee (or ale) with us and have a good time! <:

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The two important things about staff, in my opinion, are:


1- Follow your own rules - a few exceptions can be made, for example, staff may need to have more characters because they may need one in every faction, or have more time to post during events. But stick to the rules a regular member has to follow as closely as you can.


2- Have fun. Otherwise you'll get burned out and not want to run the site anymore. 

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Shady McShaderson

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I've not been a member in sometime, but I would always be seeking a relaxed atmosphere. I love a chill vibe so any kind of drama or stress is off-putting for me. So like Runa said, be friendly and positive! You always want to be approachable so that if anyone isn't feeling great, or has something to say, they won't fear any backlash or hard feelings.

Even posting this speaks to me, it says you're willing to always be improving for your members! That's great! 


Advise I'd give is to enjoy yourself and your community! Maybe gaining feedback from your own members would be a good idea?


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I think at this point when it comes to staff, I'd just take staff who actually follow the same rules they expect their players to play by more than anything else and on that same note, staff which are able to enforce the rules on their fellows (a.k.a. other staff). As Rune pointed out, staff are just members with more responsibility. Unfortunately a lot of people join staff just for the prestige and benefits as I've observed. I've even seen staff make a separate set of rules (at least the ones who aren't shameless to go behind everyone's back outright) which will inevitably set a mentality for a class divide (e.g. off site harassments through mediums other than the sites are only enforced when it happens to a staff member, not even in their staff capacity or anything to do with the site but if its player to player off site it isn't the site's problem)


To follow up with the above, the staff I like are the ones which genuinely took up the post to help better their player's experience. No I don't mean staff which cater to everything the player wants so don't mistake what I said but essentially, players will be able to tell staff who are there to help them from the rest and at least for me, I'm a  lot more comfortable with them. I'm even more comfortable going to them with anything than my own buddies on staff too actually to illustrate how much better I see them as compared to the rest.

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