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I am an admin on a GoT based site and it feels like it's been forever since we've had any new members.  Is it over?  Did the 8th season kill everyone's muse for it? I don't want to just give up on a board we've worked so hard on.  But, then what's the point if nobody wants to play with us? 


We plan to redouble our advertising efforts, but I'm not sure how much longer we can go on like this.  It's really disheartening. Are goal was to be plot-based, not a sandbox site.  Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.



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I'd consider it anything but dead! I think the problem getting new members might not lie in a lack of interest in GoT, but the amount of GoT-based sites being created at the moment. In the last week alone I've seen five or six. So the fandom definitely isn't dead. In fact, I think after season 8, people are more interested in writing in that universe because they want a better story than what season 8 gave us, lol. 


All sites go through a slow period so don't give up! Keep enjoying the members you have currently - post a lot and do some advertising - and I'm sure some new members will join eventually! 

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Though season 8 was rather polarizing, ASoIaF has such a rich, well-developed world that as long as you find your ~niche and do it well (it's rare that I see a Thrones board that doesn't have the same basic premise as all the others), you can definitely make a name for yourself!

Keep in mind, though, that Thrones boards are just like any other: they require advertising strategies, certain players will want certain features, you will need to "be the change", and activity is cyclical!

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I think GoT (and GoT inspired boards) will be popular for a while.


It would probably be a niche, and when the next book comes out it will likely spark interest in the genre again. Along with the prequels that are currently being made (I think). 

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