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Being Helpful, or Creating Dependency?

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I think either extreme is going to cause problems. Of course, this is all just my opinions, but I don't think I'm too wrong. It's what I've seen happen over and over again, from both points. 


A site immediately flooding a new member with plots/wanteds/etc and rolling out the red carpet in every way imaginable is not a good thing. Players will expect to get that same treatment all through their time on the site. They'll continue to want threads and connections delivered on a silver platter and won't go out of their way to make their own. This often seems to result in players leaving because "nobody will plot with me" or some equivalent, by which they mean, "nobody is tripping over themselves to do all the work for me". (Yes, this can be a legitimate problem, but for the purposes of the thread here, let's assume it's going down the way I described above.) 


But on the other hand, if nobody does anything to acknowledge a new member besides maybe one or two greetings? Not even one attempt by the existing members to post in their shipper or plot with them on Discord? That's going to give the impression that nobody is excited to see them and that nobody is interested in plotting with them. And most people will, quite understandably, leave before long if they believe that they're seen as unwanted or a nuisance. There's definitely a difference between "most members are currently unable to take on a new thread" and "the members are ignoring you and keep plotting with each other", and I don't see the former as a problem, but the latter is a great way to drive everyone off. 

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