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How did you find your most recent RP?

What method provided you with your most recent roleplay that you're on?  

36 members have voted

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So there are dozens of methods to get to an RP. From Affiliates, to directory listings to advertisements on other RPs. Tell us how you found your most recent gem. You're free to provide stories, what you asked for and why you joined below but the poll is exclusively for how you found it.



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I read the person's posts on here and then followed them to their site through their signature. 

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Sites I am on; rpabutton.png 



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Technically I made my most recent RP :P.


The one I most recently joined I found through a fandom directory though.

City of Outcasts

Urban High Fantasy inspired by D&D

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Now, this was eight and a half years ago (!!!) so I'm a bit fuzzy on the details, but I'm 95% sure that I saw the founder's signature in a discussion topic on a directory site and was HELLA intrigued.


Cut to several years later and I'm still intrigued, so that worked out well xD



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The last site I joined and stayed on, I found by posting an ad. I was looking for a DRoP site that would accept me transferring in 2 characters and their dragons that I had on another site that vanished (I still think of you guys!).


I am still on that site! Though oddly I have dropped those characters lol

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Voted. Most of the time I'm on Tumblr lurking on sites and then I'll move towards their affiliates. Never underestimate the power of a good ad and or button, catches my attention every time. 



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So aside from the one I just made, the one I didn't make before that was because a friend told me about it. The one before that was an answer to an RPG search, and the one before that was a friend. So I'm pretty likely to join a site someone tells me about, and wanted to add that even though I'm lame and just make sites a lot. Lol


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People respond to my site searches or I go through a directory searching. Although I usually don't look through ads myself. The last time I did, it was because I was looking for a site where I could play a specific character that's hard to find a home for, because of his abilities, so I didn't want to miss any possibilities. I ended up finding five sites out of three major directories' listings combined, and only one of them had answered to my site search up, so it worked out pretty well for me. But I prefer site searches because not only can I lay out specific things I want and don't want from a community, but staff are actively trying to welcome new members. And I feel like that bodes better for me trying to integrate into a site. 

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A friend and I started our current site because we were unhappy with an experience we had playing on someone else's. We wanted to create an environment where creativity was welcome and people were friendly to one another. We don't want our players to have to try to read our minds or feel like they're limited in what they can do beyond what's physically possible in the universe. We want them to feel like they can shit it up in the Discord chat without someone coming in to argue with them over something trivial. Most of our goals were social ones, and those translate well in play so far as well.

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Created my current site with a friend, but every site I've ever been on with the exception of one has been a case of word of mouth/invites from friends/co-created with friends. 


Edit: I should add that the exception to the rule was an affiliate of a site I was on (though the affiliation had no bearing on my decision). I was looking to find a site to fit a particular character on and my search was pretty much all just a springboard of clicks from any advertisements or affiliate buttons that fit the specific verse I was looking for until I found a site that could serve my needs.

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The founders wrote on a mutual forum with me and we ended up discussing it on Discord and I helped get some stuff started and stuck around. 

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