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Self Hosting - The best places out there?


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For sometime now I have hosted most of my stuff with https://www.stormyhosting.com/ (and its predecessor aiocorps) which is incredibly reasonable. 


It got me wondering though, who does everyone else use these days?

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A lot of people here use RPG Initiative hosting.

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I use RPG Initiative Hosting and Utopia Host for my self-hosted sites. Namecheap is my usual go-to for domain names.

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I'm using GoDaddy for now. I've never had any issues with it and they currently have a promo code that gives you a free domain and year of hosting for $12.  You can't beat that! 

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I'm on Ionos.com because I think I've had their services for ... uh ... a decade. I bought my domain(s) as well as pay for web hosting through them. There may be better options out there, but I don't feel like moving at the moment.


For self-hosting, you want to find somewhere affordable and somewhere that runs the right versions of php and mySQL for the software choice you want to use to set up your forum (I run a phpBB forum).

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I own a VPS from https://bigscoots.com. They are a little more on the pricey side, but I wanted a host who had a good support record (and allowed mature writing). And so far, their support has been really super. The answered a lot of my idiot questions about how to set up a VPS properly.


As for domain names, my husband and I have our domains registered with Google domains, mostly because they include domain privacy for free. Since we use gmail, it's just one less account to sign up for that way also.

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I host here on RPG-I, if not there then I host on a server I built that is hooked up in my basement. (I have Google Fibre. 958mb/s download speeds baby!) It's lovingly named Catastropika because it's a disastrophe and likes to make my life hard.


Before that, though, I was on a VPS with Digital Ocean. If you... know what you're doing with actual server back-ends, they're really nice and they actually charge for up-time, not a flat monthly, so if your site's inaccessible for a time, you get a refund. My domains somehow always end up getting a lot of traffic and regular shared hosts hate hosting me. One might notice I got a completely new domain when I transferred over to RPG-I...


Anyway, for domains I use DynaDot. Been with them for like a decade now and never had trouble with them, and their records are updated very quickly, so propagation takes maybe a day on an ISP that updates slower.

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