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"Where are they now?" - players you wonder about


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Over the years, as technology and platforms change, I've made a zillion friends and lost contact for whatever reason with quite a few of them. Sometimes even the ones I was close to: people whose phone numbers I had but they changed the number, who I was friends with on facebook or some other social media and they deleted their account... and I still wonder where they are, what they're up to sometimes. I wish I could find them again somehow and catch up.


Anyone else get a little wistful thinking of old contacts that you've lost track of?

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I think of old friends all the time.

Sparky, Ghost, Zayzie, txernest, Arkasel (Although we still chat on occasion), Kaybee, Isadorabelle, AKNyx, Gothic (just not on the same site and she exists here), Elena (Same as Gothic).


There are more I'm sure. Some are just we no longer have a venue and/or our tastes have changed. Some of them RL got in the way, some of them I was a drunk bitch and pushed them away. Tons of reasons, still doesn't make me miss the stories we had together any less.





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I can think of two...


One was a girl called Chan or FD online, Chantil IRL. I met her ages and ages ago. Like 9 years ago, I want to say. We went way back, to when I ran a site called The Armageddon Virus. She helped create some of the lore and we had a lot of fun with characters together. We even had 2 main pairs that we enjoyed RPing together. Crap happened though and we haven't talked in a long time. There was a fight but we patched things up later. Even though things aren't sour between us today, I wish we were as close as we used to be.


The second one was a girl called Spencer online but her RL name was Ashley. We called each other RP soul-mates because that's how it felt. We just seemed to mesh right from the start of RPing together. I picked up a want ad for her and she was the one who showed me the world of "face claims" and "play bys" which were mostly foreign to me at the time. Our characters had amazing chemistry together and we could RP for hours and hours with the same pair of characters and never grow bored. We chatted on AIM and over the phone all the time. But eventually, drama happened. People didn't like that we were so close and that we meshed so well in RP land. We ended up arguing and I lost her, both as a friend and RP partner. I know I said things I didn't mean and I wish I could talk to her again, even as friends, no RP involved. We were kindred spirits. 


Miss you, girls! If you ever come across this and want to chat, send a note my way. 

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I think of my old partners all the time. Probably more than I want to admit sometimes, but I can't help it. 


The person I first rped with, someone who went by 'Victorian'. She was an amazing rper with pretty complex characters. Our styles were different so we never really plotted consistently. Not to mention the site we were on was not really the best. A lot of the people there did not like me, mostly due to the mistakes I made due to lack of experience and being such a novice writer,  and there were times I was flaky. Being in school, I was off and on, I never was consistent. But the few times we did rp after our major falling out will always be on my mind. Had I the experience then as I do now, I'm sure we could have made something wonderful.


I hope she's still out there writing. 


Next up is... Well, I honestly cannot remember her username for the life of me. But she had a werewolf named 'Isabel' as one of her characters. I met her on the same site as the previous person I mentioned and I loved her, and her character. She was a great writer, too. This was another partner I had back in school, and I remember her saying that she just decided she wasn't feeling rp anymore once school was done and everyone seemed to want to move on to other things. She also said something about wanting to write books. I hope she has accomplished that goal.


Another person I can't really remember too well, other than she went by 'Talim'... or something like that. We talked about random things, even moved to MySpace a bit to rp. Then she vanished. I have no idea what happened to her. I hope she's doing well.

I seem to have a bad time remembering user names lol Next is another anonymous guy, and his werewolf character. He was an interesting guy to say the least. We only rped once, but I liked him. 

Damn, this list is a lot longer than I thought it was going to be. This is making me think of a lot of people, all of whom I hope to run into again at some point. I'll cut it off after these last two. Never thought I would reminisce this much.

Shout out to Zor and Elegant! Both of these people were excellent rpers. They just... they got me. Zor and I did a lot of trial and error rps, some better than others, because she never ran out of ideas and was even willing to try new things. I was always happy to be there to listen to her zaniness.

Elegant and I got super into our stories and characters. It was like she knew what I wanted, and would reflect it in her writing. We put each other to the test in our threads. We even finished a thread!

Both of these people stopped rping for personal reasons, from what I can recall. I hope they're doing well. I hope everyone I mentioned, and did not mention, is doing well honestly. I miss you guys. 

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Glad to know I'm not alone in that feeling. 


One of my friends, I met back in ye olde Yahoo Groups days and we stayed in contact for a long time. We went out of our way to meet up for coffee when I was vacationing near where he lived. Mostly chatted on AIM, then Skype, we were friends on facebook... Then I didn't talk to him for a while, and eventually he deleted his facebook or something, and then AIM died and he hasn't been on Skype in... ages. And I really wonder what happened and what he's up to. 


A few others it's just that I only had their AIM screennames and, well, so much for that. So it goes. I've accidentally run across a few people on Tumblr and such over the years but it's usually been people I didn't know super well.

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Rosalina. We played on the same RP for about three to four years before we both left the site due to admin issues and general life (I was in the midst of applying for college, she was working full-time, we were already slow to begin with, and there was an admin team in place that didn't like us one bit). We followed each other on Tumblr and used that messaging system to communicate for a while, usually keeping tabs on the site even after we left it and talking about what we could have done with our characters if we had a little more to give.


Eventually, my freshman year of college, I was coming to her town on a marching band trip and we met up, got waffles, the whole shebang. She's a lovely person with an awesome dog and I wish I was a little better at keeping in contact with her afterwards. But I'm glad something good ended up coming out of a site that gave us both a lot of stress.

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I lost track of a whole bunch of people with avidgamers bit the dust, and again when acornrack followed suit. Occasionally, I find myself curious as the what they're up too, and whether they still play in the fandom we did back then. 

34 year old woman living in the eastern US. Time zone is EST.

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I think about old RP partners now and again. Although their names will sometimes fade with time, I'll remember small details about them.


I had a partner from England who had a dark and biting sense of humor, one that I appreciated. Impressive writer with a quirky and interesting style about him. We didn't get to RP long, and after a short bit he disappeared. I didn't know too much about him but I liked him and found him intriguing. I believe on one of the sites we were on he went by Godly.


I had another partner/friend, MCLCL. She was (is) an incredibly talented writer whom I clicked with immediately. I haven't spoken to her in about a year; last time I messaged her on Discord and never heard back from her. Dunno what she's up to, but she was a wonderful partner and fun to chat with. I hope she's doing well.


Going back 14+ years, one of my first RP partners ever was a guy who went by the username Tonguely. Thinking back on a lot of the things he told me about himself, I'm pretty sure he misrepresented a whole bunch of things (which is whatever, I'm not going to sit here and pretend I was 100% truthful about everything I told random people on the internet when I was 16), but he was one of the first people to really get me into RPing, introducing me to the whole hobby. I remember I used to stay up all night with him RPing over MSN Messenger. Every once in a while he'll pop into my head and I'll wonder whatever happened to him. 


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I often wonder where a good majority of the guys I came up with RPing are. After several forum migrations...no way to contact them. It's a shame really, sad actually.

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oh totally. i remember when i was still mostly RPing on AIM, i had a friend and we spent so much time writing together. we came up with these huge sprawling plots and stories. i still think about her a lot; we just fell out of touch as our RPs came to a close and we moved on.

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Emerson, Cait, and Mark ... we were all close once upon a time, but I haven't talked to any of them in years. I miss all three of them dearly.

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All the time. Even people I actually knew in person. I wonder what kind of lives they're leading, or even if they're okay. I'd hate for something terrible to happen to any of them! It would just be nice to have some sort of looking glass that like, shared peoples' successes at least. That was probably my favorite thing to share with buddies, both in the role play, and in personal work.

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The world could always use a splash more color and a tidbit more light!

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There have been a lot of people I wondered about in the past, but presently? Not really. I’m still in contact with more of the “oldies” from the game I played since ‘03 than a lot of the other “oldies” are. And the ones I’m not in contact with? I know someone that knows how they are doing. We were a close knit bunch despite our massive exodus over the years. (The game used to average over a hundred players a day, and it’s population has lowered to the point that it’s highest online per month is around twenty-five.) Many of them simply grew up (we were kids) and started their own lives and families. 

Except one. A red dragon named Bloodfang. She took me under her wing (just like my friend in my shout-out) and introduced me to the lighter side of roleplay. I hope and pray that everything turned out alright for her. 

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There aren't many people I wonder this about because I'm mostly in contact with the majority of my closest writing friends, and I've either friended them on Facebook or Discord or follow them on Instagram so have a vague idea of what they're up to, even if I don't always know whether or not they're still writing or where / what they're writing. The one person I have completely lost contact with is one of  the people I used to RP with all the time back when I first started (something like nine or so years ago) whose name was Ruby. We wrote together in a few different places for several years, but when our original site closed down, we lost contact and I haven't heard from her since. I had her as a friend on Facebook back then, but her account has been inactive for a long time, so there's basically no way of contacting her at this point or finding out what she's moved onto.


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I'm not the best at keeping in contact, so there's a lot of people I wonder about and hope the best for.


In the olden days before Skype, Discord, and other semi-anonymized but well integrated chat platforms, it used to be that quitting roleplay was like moving countries and you never really expected to hear from each other again.


I'm glad that mentality is kind of fading because I've met a lot of awesome people through it.

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