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"Where are they now?" - players you wonder about

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I still think of people from time to time! 


There was Twin, a person I rp'd with on a site way back in the day. I remember they played a Tobias Snape and I absolutely adored them. I would stay up all night to write with them and never got tired of it. Eventually the site died and I don't know what ever happened to them. I hope they're still writing. 


Then there is Rach. She was good fun to write with. She was on a site of mine and we always made characters for each other. I don't know where she is now, but since it wasn't so long ago I hope she's still rping and having a good time! I also hope she survived college ❤️ I miss her Jack Sloper, he was a riot. 


Of course, I sometimes think about the people I used to write with on neopets. I don't remember any of their names, but I had a wonderful time. 

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When you've been RPing for over 20 years, you make a lot of friends! There are bunches of folks that I miss writing with, or even just chatting with...


In no particular order, here are a few from the top of my head:

  • Alec - We had the best time at the Whoniverse! You were so easy to write with -- I miss you, Dude!
  • Ravyn - Darling! I miss you! I wonder how you're doing, and how married life is treating you?
  • Sarah Jane / SJ - Man, oh man... Girl, I miss writing with you! Like, woah! ❤️
  • Wendy - We got quite close, and we had such a great time! My Illyana/Magik muse totally misses your Kirika/Talon.
  • Thena - We had a rough start, but eventually we came together on the same page. I miss writing with you.
  • Scott B. - We've been through a lot together. Thank you for helping to keep me sane, and for being so awesome to work with. 
  • Rick - Your Wolverine was my favorite Wolverine, and you were probably the best Staff Storyteller I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Writing with you was very awesome.
  • Kate & Jon - What a great sibling duo! I really enjoyed collaborating with you after the fall of XPG. I think we really had something great with Marvel Unlimited, and I am still sad that it's gone.
  • Warlord - I am sorry I don't really use Skype anymore, and last I knew you weren't too keen on Discord, so we have totally drifted apart. You were so great to write with, and our characters' ships were so lovely! ❤️


8cd29ffea1e10d9b27e1d53ae1e83f71c1b38d65 62826f3bff5424e4b05baf4511209a390499ae14.gifv 3a270e76f0a4d125b446f47ebab6cbf99f59a3b9.png

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I used to have a few really, really close RP friends, long gone now, but I hope they're ok, some of them had some craazy lives. 

I however am most saddened by my more recent losses, People you reach out to who don't say anything back. 

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

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oh goodness.. I've been writing for 20 years so there have been a few.  I started on AOL and there were a couple people I used to write on there.. one is a FB friend but I don't talk to her a lot.  A guy named Pete..he joined the military.  Airforce.  I used to send him cookies in basic training.  Another guy named Mike.. he was a good guy.  


More recently, a few I've lost contact with for various reasons.. Laele... Woodstock (miss her so much) ...Berry (Shit happened.  Still miss her) ...Gadabout (I think his wife made him give up the game but he never really said)  ...there was one guy who came on the site...was absolutely stellar and then disappeared.  I can't remember his name but he is missed.  Those are the hardest ones.  You think you have great momentum and you're having a blast writing with them and then one day they're just gone... with no explanation.  I get life gets in the way, but just drop a line with a reason so I know you haven't been abducted or something. 

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You can find me at: 




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About four-ish years back, I was a mod on a site where I was really good friends with the admin. We had some really good plots together, and the site was unique and fun. I wonder about what happened to her sometimes. Sometimes I go to the dead site just to see if there's been any sudden activity. 

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A Post-War Marauders AU, 1985
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There was one guy who was in a Marvel/DC game of mine...who liked to ship with my characters, and eventually found me on my personal instagram. I wonder where this guy is... We're all geeks, but some of us are creepy!

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There's definitely a lot of people that I used to write with that, at the time, I cared for deeply, but its like as soon as we stopped writing (for whatever reason) we fell out of contact. Mostly Makaylah and Crystalcat. Man, I miss them. Mak idk what happened, she was the writer for the first 'true love' for my oldest boy, and when she left it really hit me hard. I had to go on a hiatus and she couldn't 'wait around for me to come back' and when I did get back, she was already long gone. The other one was my fault, really. I waited too long to reach out after I left the site and she was understandably angry at me. I miss her, though. I just wish we could reconnect, but I know I dug my grave on that one. 

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Every once in a while, I'll get nostalgic/curious, and throw people's old usernames into Google to see if anything comes up. Most of them, I don't particularly care if we get in contact again, but I do get curious. As for the ones that I'd love to hear from again, there's really only Marc/Psychotix... Dude was one of my best friends for the longest time. Like stay up all night in Skype calls best friends, and I'll never forget him always raging at my partner at the time for playing guitar with the amp cranked up and being terrible at it. We helped each other through a lot of rough times, and I wish I knew what happened because I remember him just... disappearing one day. He wasn't the most active RPer, but we wrote a lot and dude was just bursting with stories and worlds. I've thought about taking one that I particularly loved and helped develop a bit, that we were going to call Catacombs, and build a site off of it but without Marc and his off-the-wall ideas, it would never work.


Long shot, but if he's reading this or sounds familiar to anyone, hit me up. Even if we don't ever talk again, I just wanna make sure he's okay and living a happier life than when we were teenagers...

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Candide: An original dystopian RPG

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Oh yeah, I used to RP on french language sites from 2006 to 2010, but since maybe 2014, I've been sticking around English language ones. They say the rp world is a small world, but when swapping language, it kind of reduces the chances of coming across old friends and folks from the other community. I often wonder what happened to everyone else and where they are now.

The changes in uses of chat softwares made so I lost many contacts too

Devil's Tattoo - Clan politics, bikers, urban legends, cougars, wolves, coyotes, badgers and more... 
Plenty of canons available, and OC are more than welcomed as well
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There have been a lot of people I've rped with over the years that kind of disappeared. For awhile, I was one of those people for others.


I started rping in 1998 when I was in my early-mid teens. When I graduated high school, I went into the working world and no longer had a functional computer, so I quit rp for a few years.


When I got back, everyone was different, but some I missed more than others.


My main character back then was a character named Victoria, and she was married to the God of Evil's avatar, Neraka. The player behind Neraka was always kind and funny, and we had a lot of rp that people didn't "get" because Victoria was fighting on the side of good and Neraka was her opposite, at the forefront of his side of the war. I asked around about his player when I returned, and basically no one knows what happened to him. One day, he just disappeared. No more AIM, no more Karchan, poof. Gone. It is still a mystery to this day as to where he went. I think about him often. He was super talented.


Someone else I wonder about, is a girl named Jen. She had a character named MysticBride on Karchan, and we talked a lot. We even played Neopets together. She got married and then I never heard from her again.


Another person, is someone named Em. I rped with her on Karchan as various characters, and we even had a pairing (Pandora x Benecio). She has a tendency to poof for long periods of time, but when I tried to reach out to her in email last time, the email bounced. She got married and that was the last I heard from her.


Those are just a few friends of mine that I wonder how they are once in awhile, and what they are up to.


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