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"Where are they now?" - players you wonder about


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I particular miss this girl who went by Ren or Renny. We met on a historical rp and created our own. I even made a stop to visit her when I was in her state. But, as time went on, we both became busy with our real lives and eventually lost touch.


I also think about someone I had been friends with for a long time who had some issues in their real life. It came to a point that I had to cut ties with them because of their toxic behavior.


More recently, I had a friend that I would rp with all day and all night. She moved onto playing just video games , unfortunately.


I wonder if anyone ever thinks of me. 🥺

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I get very nostalgic about everything really. That old video game I played as a kid? Nostalgic. The song I used to listen to when writing? Nostalgic. So it's no surprise that I get a lot of nostalgia when I remember my awesome rp partners that I used to write with.


The weirdest part for me is the fact I still have some of them as connections on discord, steam, playstation network, etc. We just... Don't talk anymore, and it would feel weird to reach out again after 5+ years to talk again. There are also a few people that I get a sort of sad nostalgia over, knowing I'll never get to write with them again.


But as a side note, I recently connected with a lot of people from my past and we've gotten together again recently to start writing together again and it's just... [i]Awesome[/i]. Nothing could compare to how I feel right now.

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There was someone I used to write with a long time ago who I've fallen out of contact with over a situation that I still often feel guilty about (even though none of it was particularly my fault). We had reconnected after some time away for a few months before he eventually ghosted. It wasn't until much later that I'd learned the reason he had left without a word was because someone who had mutually hurt the both of us was also on site (under a different alias with the intention of keeping their identity a secret since they knew that they were not welcome), and left probably to protect himself from them. I don't blame him at all, I just miss him and I hope that he's alright out there wherever he is. 


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Man, so many! I used to be on anime forums a lot as a pre-teen/teen and most of them poofed. AnimeFantasia -- the Fight Room -- s/o to Tommy-chan. I went from one forum, Hitoyakukau, with some friends to our own private forum -- s/o to Shadow, Tru-chan, Angel Zidane, Hikari.... unfortunately, I'm pretty sure most of the RPers I was friends with as a teen stopped RPing altogether. 


Then there are folks who are still in the RP sphere but stuck around a site I am no longer a part of. That's probably the biggest bummer -- not being able to share a space anymore. But these things happen!


are you an mcu fan? are you not a fan of what the movies/shows did at some points? do you sometimes wish you could turn back time? us too!

visit us at neverisnow.jcink.net

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There isn't many people that I wonder about- but if I had to choose I wonder ever happened to this guy I very briefly RPed with, Copper. I remember he was an amazing roleplayer but he had cancer and suddenly disappeared- I saw him years later though thank god. But not long enough to stay in contact with him. Yo, Copper, if you're out there hit me up. We never got a proper chance to RP!


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Aw, man, I'm a little late to the party considering when this thread was posted, but seeing the topic brought back SO many memories (that I'll shorten for everyone's sanity, of course).


I tend to remember my old Warrior Cats buddies the most, from before I even turned 18- Fire, Sol, Storm, and Tea come to mind.  We weren't close, per se, but we were all pretty active posters back in the day.  I lost contact with Fire, Storm, and Tea when the site closed down around 2016, and I lost contact with Sol in mid-2017.  I miss them dearly, and I hope they're doing well.


More recently, I had an issue with my Discord account that eventually resulted in me being unable to recover my friends list.  I had two friends there, Random/Grace and Tryp, that helped me unravel my supernatural wings, and I never got a chance to thank them for that!


Somehow I doubt that any of them are here, but on the off-chance that you think that one of these is you, please reach out- I miss you!

Working on it... Check back soon!

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I've been lucky enough to keep in touch with a lot of friends I've made over the years. However there was one that got away and I always wonder how he's doing.  We used to hang out alll the time and we plotted out some epic things with multiple characters. The last time we spoke was on Yahoo Messenger / Myspace xD and you know how old those things are haha



+ :: c o m i n g  s o o n  :: +


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