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Hosting terminology doubts

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So i'm trying out self hosting as a side project for now and came across a pretty good hosting plan, i wanted to know tho as i have a couple of doubts with some terms.

So the plan is "one site, with unlimited subdomains" and i wanted to know if said subdomains could "host" each a rpg forum itself, for example.


hxllowsaints.com as a main domain and idlk a sci fi rp

potterverse.hxllowsaints.com as a harry potter rp

fantasy.hxllowsaints.com as a fantasy rp


And so on and so forth, i ask cause i'm pretty knew to hosting and before i made a purchase i wanted to know if what i wanted was possible.

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It's doable, yes. Subdomains are just a different way of arranging folders in your server. So you get potterverse.hxllowsaints.com for instance instead of hxllowsaints.com/potterverse. Either arrangement is valid, but one is more liked by search engines.

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Oh, that's interesting and something i didn't know. 

Another question, wont i need more than one database for different forums to work? or each subdomain can host their own user/posts data?

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Most dynamic software like forums and blogs use databases, so yes, whatever your MySQL database limit is, is likely your actual forum count limit. If you know what you're doing you can technically install multiple things to the same database, but I wouldn't recommend trying this until you're more familiar with how databases work, just wanted to note it is possible to work around SQL database count limits.


SOME software, though, now runs flat-file, meaning it stores its data in a file on the file system, not a MySQL database, and you can run as many instances of those as you want.

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