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Hosting & Software Install


Posted (edited)

Hello! I am very interested in Initiative's hosting but I just had a couple of questions first!


1. In the hosting it says '15 email accounts' - what does this man? Does this mean only 15 people will be able to sign up to the board (and therefore the site would only be able to have 15 members at a time?) I'm not sure whether this is a stupid questions or not lmao but just wanted to double check!

2. For the software install I'm hoping to install myBB, and when I go to purchase it says to list modifications. Would you like me to provide a list and link of all the myBB add-ons I've been looking at or would we be able to install most plug-ins and add-ons from the registered admin account? I've been looking at a few but I'm not 100% sure whether we would keep all of them/whether we would need all of them.

3. My current site is on jcink. With that in mind would that be eligible for the website migration feature and would it be possible to convert the jcink skin (or at least some of it?) 


Thank you so much for your time answering these! 

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  1. Email accounts refers to specifically email accounts. Your hosting comes with the ability to also host email accounts (you@whatever-your-domain-is.com). You get 15 of them, so you could have a staff-only email account on your URL or several for each admin user, or not bother with it at all. It has nothing to do with your software installation.
  2. If you want someone to install and set up your MyBB for you, after "purchasing" your hosting package, send in a ticket with a list of all the mod names you want installed with it. If you're confident enough to install these yourself, you can do it through the admin panel and or cPanel. You can also forego it for now, and ask us for assistance installing mods and plugins later if you need it.
  3. I don't think we do theme conversions, but if you get your database from Jcink I believe there are converters to go from Jcink to MyBB (not directly, Jcink isn't an exact match of its base software so converting it is a little trickier). You'll likely need to send in a ticket to have your Jcink database converted over and it'd be best if you let us do the entire install I believe. If you can find someone here that can theme on MyBB they may be willing and able to convert your Jcink theme to MyBB.
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