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hello out theree

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Heyoooo I'm Anya (they/them please) and I'm always nervous! Since I never quite know what to say, I'll just answer some of the suggested questions I guess lol


Been doing play-by-post rp since I was 19, so like, 8 years. For genres, I like fandom a lot and am particularly hyperfocused on Dragon Age again right now but in general I like fantasy (or, if I can play a vampire I am Pleased).

I have the most experience with forum rp and it's my preference but I have done Discord before (though got nerfed heavily by the character limit). I'm open to that again, and any other options!


I am the worst at picking favorites but I pretty much always say Let the Right One In is my favorite book (I can never remember the authors name, but it is a movie both in its native country and there's a remade American version), favorite movie I would probably say is Grease because of nostalgia but honestly I give a different answer almost every time I'm asked. I have never and will never know how to categorize music but I tend to cycle through a lot of different vibes depending on my mood. Currently listening to a lot of Cardi B, which isn't my usual taste.


I'm a pretty simple person tbh. I like to play video games but I wouldn't really call myself a gamer because I tend to just play the same ones over and over again. I've been with Dragon Age since the beginning and will never change, but I also really enjoy Mass Effect, Castlevania (though I've played mostly the three that were on the DS) and I really loved Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. Sitting around and loving on my cats and snapping a million pics is probably my #1 interest but I also like to bake til I'm frustrated with it then revel in the spoils of a job well done. Driving around aimlessly is something I wish I had enough gas money to do more of!


So uh...hi dudes!

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Hey and welcome aboard!


Just wanted to say, the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series are completely addictive and it is impossible to only have a single play through of them! So totally getting that!

If irl wasn't that busy, I'd probably look for places to rp that just to fuel the addiction


Hope you like it there on RPG-I and get some good stuff going! 😛

Devil's Tattoo - Clan politics, bikers, urban legends, cougars, wolves, coyotes, badgers and more... 
Plenty of canons available, and OC are more than welcomed as well

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Welcome, Anya. I absolutely loved Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. I know I played the fuck out of one of the NES ones, too. But SotN was straight-up art.


On that note:


By Wit & Whitby

[Plot] | [Rules] | [Wanted] | [Discord]

18+ | Victorian Era | No App | No Word Count |

PoC & LGBT-friendly | Newbie-friendly

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