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How important is OOC activity to you?


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I've never put a lot of stock in it. I mean it's not something you can look at without taking in the whole forum. They may be really active OOC but slow IC but they could also be starting out and only just under a month old. Some days are more quiet than others.


Something I did this time around, because I am honestly over the OOC forums when never in any of my times staffing in the past ten years, have they been used to any great extent. Especially now with the organization that discord offers for a community. So... we have no OOC forums that aren't directly related to plotters, thread tracking, journals, or other avenues of character development. And I gotta say, I am GLAD I decided to just not bother. We have a Moderation forum for all-the-things and that is where we placed a 'leave of absence' thread because that was really the only thing that was necessary from those forums. 






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I find that they're handy for sort of building up camaraderie and such. They can provide something silly to talk about in discord when you're not up anywhere or otherwise don't have the brainspace for serious writes. Also, because timezones are so often an issue, they can allow for some fun diversions while the majority of members are asleep. I don't pay a whole lot of attention to our games and such, but some nights when I'm all caught up it's fun to bounce around in there a bit before bed, knowing my more easterly friends will discover what I've done when they wake.

Not that this can't also apply to discord, but I do like having both options. Also it's a nice place to drop longstanding compliments and the like, stuff you regularly think but just don't really think to say? Idk, I like it.

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I never used to find it too important, but now that I’m stuck in the best community ever (I’m not biased or anything) it’s become pretty integral. There’s no better feeling than having a whole hype crew around you who make you excited to post as well as confident in exploring your characters. ☺️

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I don't much need OOC forums, like game forums or whatever. I don't mind one or two fun little games to play from time to time, but they're never anything I spend time hanging out on. My OOC Discord, though... ALL MY FRIENDS ARE THERE. It's actually the most wonderful place, my main source of social interaction on any given day. I truly favor a place where I can make genuine friends and write together in such a way where both are important to me. I think that helps create a healthy community and also means when life goes sideways and you can't post for a bit, you still know you have a place when you can come back to it.

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On 2/9/2020 at 9:05 AM, dusk said:

OOC Activity: Very.
OOC Forums: Not so much.


This. Community to me is paramount on a board. I know that writing is important and ostensibly the reason we're all here, but I'm not going to stay on any board where I don't feel that personal pull that keeps me around even when my drive to write is lacking. 


How you build that community, though, is 100% up to you!


We have OOC forums but they take up a really small fraction of our board. Mostly they're for larger discussions on books, tv shows, etc, occasionally for new baby announcement, graphics, and other organizational stuff. We also have users who communicate with one another over skype, text, Discord, etc., though have no formal area for that. We host movie nights and trivia, run OOC events through a contest forum, and other things to keep the heart of our community beating. The way we set things up is not the only way to accomplish the same goal.



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We have OOC forums but they have relatively little activity in comparison to the rest of the site.

The majority of OOC activity is on Discord, but I keep the OOC boards around as they can be useful at times.


While I do consider Discord activity important, activity on the OOC forums is not something we really ever worry about.

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With Discord the OOC boards don't seem to really be much of a thing anymore. I don't really see them being used on the sites I have been on.

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I don't so much care for forums. Games are hit and miss for me now too. I do however enjoy talking to members and just passing time with them. It might be chatting about our pets, tv shows, books, games they playing xbox or ps4 wise etc....i just find that if the person is engaging me and we get on that i'm more likely to do more in-depth plots with them, or take their wanteds. I feel much happier taking a wanted if the member is engaging me than someone just posting and never saying more than a word in my plotter. It's much too easy to forget someone on the site when they aren't chatting about plots or non character stuff. I need some kind of chat, even if it's sharing character memes, pics, random chatter. 


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