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Seidhr; original epic fantasy

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Your Name: Arceus. On-site I'm Oanke.
Link to your site: Seidhr
Link to your staff account on the RPG: Oanke
What you are looking to have reviewed:

I just need the basic layout and the documentations looked over by someone that's not me. Read stuff, lemme know if you can't find something, if the documentations make sense, any burning questions that pop to mind, yadda yadda, you know the drillzo. The theme is ... not quite done, some of the template layouts will change still, but it's functional.
(Site is not open yet, sorry! Just wanna make sure my Ps and Qs are minded. xD)

Simprovise: A Sims 4 RP
Plain of Ice
Avatar: Resurgence
Roleplay Architects
There comes a point when you have to realise that you'll never be good enough for some people.
The question is, is that your problem, or theirs?

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