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Angels and Demons and Humans, oh my!

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I have wanted to build a board based around the tabletop RP In Nomine for as long as I've known about In Nomine.


The premise of In Nomine is that angels and demons are forever locked in a battle for humanity's soul blah blah.  Here is a quick rundown that I'm paraphrasing from:


In the beginning, there was The Symphony (aka existence). The Symphony is divided up into three planes: the corporeal plane, the ethereal plane, and the celestial plane. Regular ol' humans live on the corporeal plane. Angels and demons live on the celestial plane, and the ethereal plane is the realm of dreams. 


Celestials who go to Earth have mortal bodies called vessels, although they can reveal their true forms (and make a big racket in the Symphony)


The Celestials serve a Superior (an archangel or demonic prince) who hold a Word (i.e. a concept, like The Angel of War or The Demon of Technology etc). The more humans have a Word on their mind and the more physical manifestations of a Word there are, the more powerful it is. 


Spells are called "songs", angels can fall if they go against their nature and demons can be redeemed. 



There is a *lot* of lore, something like 16 different kinds of angels demons, plus humans, plus ethereals. The system itself is complex.


Has anyone ever tried adapting a tabletop setting or system to forum RP?  Is it even possible to simplify it? 




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I remember picking up the rulebook to this tabletop RPG years ago, and I loved the concept very much. I never really found anyone who actually played Nomine, but I sure do wish I had! The mechanics are easy enough to adapt to forum role-play as well, depending on how in depth you even want to go with such things as progression and stats (they're not always necessary but sometimes make things interesting when used creatively). 


Anyway, commenting to support this.

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