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Hi there! I am 19 and I’ve been roleplaying for a few years! I love roleplaying fantasy, medieval fantasy, angst, and romance based stories! I don’t like fandom stuff or slice of life and I prefer using original characters in fantasy lands filled with action and adventure!! There’s a lot more to it than that and I have a lot of specifics in mind however I don’t know if I should put that all here? Oh well, greetings and it’s nice to meet you all!!

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Hello @Flowerswitheyesand welcome to the Initiative! We're glad you found us.


I am also a long-time RPer but much older than you 😉 . In fact, I am likely the site's grandma. Like you, I adore sword and sorcery fantasy RP, worldbuilding, and original characters. I used to do fandom sites, but prefer original premise RPs now.


RPG Initiative has numerous coteries (sort of like forums focused on just one aspect of roleplaying or fandoms) that you might find interesting. I recently started a World Building Coterie (which has been slow, I need to give it a kick in the pants).


Enjoy looking through our Directory and other resources. I am sure you will find something to love.

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*your one-stop RPG resource site!

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Hi @Flowerswitheyes! I'm fairly new on the role playing scene, although I've enjoyed role-playing video games for most of my life and I now run a forum playing a game that involves some role playing as well.

Ask me about Werepenguin!

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Welcome to the Initiative @Flowerswitheyes





Profile set made by myself and original Artwork by Fae Merriman, my daughter.



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