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  • A Supernatural Sci-Fi site
  • A Supernatural Sci-Fi site

hello world!

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  • Hi all! I'm MissBonnieMadness, or Aspen as my general alias. I've been roleplaying forrrrr likee 13-14 years? I tend to lean towards supernatural and super-powered roleplays, but am super open for most other genres! Mostly on forums, I've tried through Facebook and didn't like the smolness of the text and it was only 1v1 just meh. I've done discord before, but the limited character amount and how easy it is to devolve into chat speak is also meh for me. Forums are where its at. The bees knees.
  • I like to play Sad Girls™ with The Gay™ super hard.
  • I live in the Southern US
  • I have 2 cats and 1 dog
  • I own a comic book store
  • I make the most bombass fried rice ever
  • thats it thats all i do thaaanksss drop by and say hiii

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Hey! Welcome to The Initiative! 


Got a few questions: 


1. What's your favorite supernatural species to play? 

2. Whereinabouts in the Southern US (Optional!)

3. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: What are your kitties and dog's names and can we see pictures? 








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I L O V E ghosts. Ghostie/ghouls, super my jam. Not a whole lotta sites support that, but it is forever my dream to haunt those who have crossed me for the rest of their lives. xD Currently playing a Siren on a website I'm a part of, and I'm digging the maneating mermaid vibes for sure.


Mississippi! Not necessarily by choice - I needed to be close to humans I was related to in order to start up my business. It would've been infinitely harder without them, even if it means being stuck down here for a bit.


OF COURSE YOU CAN GET PICTURES aaaand now i cant decide which pictures so ALL OF THEM







The first boi, my white kitty is Frank. He was a pimpin stray I kidnapped while I was living in Italy. He took to home-living very well and very quickly. The second week I had him, my roommate was coming home late from a party, trying to be quiet and all because it was like 2am and I'm sure he thought I was asleep (was thankfully awake to witness the most amazing interaction I will ever witness). Frank hears the door, sees the shadow coming up the stairs, looks to me, back at the stairs, and gets in the ready position. As soon as he caught sight of human, this cat launches himself at my roommate. Swear words and hisses are flying, I peek out to see Frank latched on to his leg, and I'm fucking dying. Cat and human were unharmed (well, human not so much), and I knew then I would die and/or commit murder for Frank. He now will not go to sleep unless he's being little spoon. He's my chunky spoiled rotten baby.


THE OTHER TWO ffs, they are so gay for each other. The grey cat is Bravo-55, I found him under a trailer where I worked (that was named bravo-55, I'm so original with names) when he was less than 6 weeks old. It was cold, rainy, and gross out. Mama was nowhere to be found, and he was so scrawny. Wasn't sure he was gonna make it that first little bit, but he did with the help of Atlas! Atlas is the big doofy doggo. He took to being a mother INSTANTLY. Brav was too weak to be terrified of this big lug at first, and by the time he got to be well enough to realize other dogs were maybe a danger he was head over heels for Atlas. They do everything together. Bravo gives no fucks about me, but heaven forbid he be away from Atlas.


Atlas's story is less dramatic than the other two. I got him first, as a puppy when I was in Italy. I was stationed there for 3 years in the Air Force. I got my first house out there and was just kind of scared of being alone. Unfortunately, shelters wouldn't adopt out to Americans there because the shitbags on base had a reputation for abandoning animals when it was time to move, so I got him from a breeder when he was 8 weeks old. He just turned four this October!

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