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Doing doomed genres: Dragon Age

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If you're a roleplayer that has any sort of fandom interests you've likely noticed that certain genres seem particularly doomed to early-death-syndrome. There are usually several reasons that they don't get off the ground, but sometimes pinpointing- and more importantly combating- those little things can be tedious or challenging. I am mildly debating the creation of a Dragon Age roleplay since it's one of my favorite fandoms. The catch is that finding a 'just right' site is super hard since the selection is narrow, the sites die off fast, and I'm too spoiled to settle for less than a game that's going to make me absolutely happy. So talk to me about your Doomed Genre games that worked out. What did you do differently to keep the pulse going? Throw your Dragon Age site complaints at me too so that we can brainstorm a better build!

My general game plan for now is to start with a staff NPC'd male Qunari Inquisitor in the Trespasser timeline. Instead of focusing on the game's plot, I want to turn the spotlight on the minor canons and OCs. We could technically do that from the start of the whole game, but I'm not sure what member preference would be. I, personally, like the Trespasser to post-Trespasser timeline since it gives time to set up your 'Inquisition formed bonds' and then move on into a more open world and timeline. It should also deter some of those 'I'm only here if I get to romance my fave canon' types that come and go in the genre. I have a lot of ideas for the plot after Trespasser to keep things interesting and the story flowing. I think I might also set up some optional, simple stats for those that want to run campaign style missions on the side. We'll see.

tldr: why DA sites be dying so fast, how to make love me long time?

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