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So this is an idea that I've been sitting on for a while. An idea inspired by the following text posts:




Just the idea of modernizing magic is a great one, but coming up with a way to actually do that in terms of lore writing? Not so amazing. 


I have scoured google, hoping to find something, anything that might help me figure this out, but..I really haven't found anything. (Even looking for examples of technomancy..I found like one page with a list of table-top style spells for technomancers...)


Most magic that exists in 'fantasy' worlds (be they medieval or modern tech fantasy worlds) is strictly combat oriented. And that's fine, and I suppose it could work if I wanted to make a modern tech world that still had a large focus on combat of some variety, and just throw in the age old 'magical creatures aren't effected by modern technology' explanation for why no one just shoots the dragon.


But that's not what I want to do. I want a modern tech fantasy world where magic has existed since..well..the beginning of humanity, but has developed along with the world around it.


Yes I can, and probably will, replace some modern technology with a magical equivalent, but I'm looking for something...more than just that? 


I'm not even sure if I'm explaining this correctly, or if it's something that even really needs to be a part of the lore, or if I should just...let people develop their own ideas for how their characters use more 'modern' magic? I just feel like there should be something significant in the lore on magic that makes people go "Ohhhhh! Modern magic!"


Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions on source material to look into? (I don't have money to spend on books or games at the moment, but if there's like a wiki that explains how it works in a certain fandom or whatever that I just don't know about..I'm totally game to check out links!)

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Hmmm, maybe you could read some slice of life comics with magic involved? Or stuff that focuses on relationship drama instead of action? (Monsterpop is a webcomic that's sort of like that, though with more monsters than magic.). Was there a specific sort of RP that you were looking to set in this setting? What would people be expected to do, what sort of plots would you want to see run, etc?

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