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Ok so my idea that I'm toying with (as in the site is in creation mode and taking time cause idk code very well) is a post apocalyptic style RP. The plot is: current day, 19 years after the world went to hell during the aftermath of 9-11. Some country decided (stupidly) to attempt a nuclear bomb and it explodes in the atmosphere causing a global EMP. (I'm not sure of the specifics but somewhere I read that it could happen?)


Fast forward, the world hasn't been at war for a few years now, as electronics stopped working, lost electricity, etc. The world was sent back to the dark ages of hunting instead of buying their food at McDonalds and the grocery store. So my site, A New Eden, is a community that was built by The Viceroy (meee!) as a safe haven against the elements and the random survivors who want what we have. 

what do you think? Think I could pull it off? Of course I would need staff and help but I really wanted someone else's opinions too. Please be nice, I'm not new to RP but I am new to staffing and creating my own site. 

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Yes, it can happen. But I don’t know the specifics for causing a global, permanent outage. A thermonuclear warhead was detonated 250 miles above Hawaii in a test called Starfish Prime—I recommend looking in that direction for more information. In this test, I believe phone services were knocked out across a decent portion of the state by the resulting EMP.  (It was back in the 1960s though, so we can definitely account for stronger weaponry in 2001.) It’s more a matter of figuring out how much of an EMP is enough to collapse society—solar flares cause them often and tend to result in rolling blackouts in some areas, for example. So yes, this is a viable plot. 

Most post-apocalyptic media approaches these things in a less realistic the way, so the element of realism you are wanting to use is going to be important as you develop your game. We aren’t dealing with creatures from Bird Box or zombies in this case. There’s no mysterious virus rampaging through all of humanity. An EMP isn’t going to result in a lot of casualties either, unless it’s coupled with something else. At least, not immediately. I can’t seem to find a timeline, but estimates are that the results of an EMP can be devastating in the long run (I.e some believe 90% of our population would be lost in the US alone). There is a lot of theorycrafting in regards to an EMP Armageddon and I strongly urge you to read into it for guidance with your plot. There was a lot of EMP concerns in the years following 911. 

Considering the turning point in history being 9-11, I imagine you’ll be going the fabled Weapons of Mass Destruction route (Yes, I know nuclear bombs are WMDs too, but I’m specifically referring to the ones we went looking for in Iraq)? If that’s the case, there’s a lot of creative liberty you can take therein, as they were supposedly never found/proven/we aren’t sure they exist. If you’re wanting to add a little science-fiction to the plot, there’s the possibility of introducing alien weapons, too. 

Do you plan for it to be relatively peaceful or faction skirmishes?


I think there’s a lot that could be done with this idea!

a kiss of darkness (2).jpg

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