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'ello there, love.

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On this site, I go by Viceroy. I've been RPing since I was fairly young, in my teens to be exact. Back then we would pass around a notebook. Or write on the site Bloopdiary or Xanga or AIM. Lol. Yes I'm old. But I love to RP

My favorite RP genres are Harry Potter and Real Life but im hoping to get my post apocalyptic site going 🙂 (wish me luck!)


I'm from the USA, central time zone and I prefer to RP through forums. Though recently I've discovered 1x1 RPing through discord. Weird but I like it. 


i love love love to read. Besides writing, it's my only passion. I have children and I love being a parent. 

anyways I can't type more cause I'm at work. So bbl

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Hoooo boy, Xanga is something I have not heard about in years. I started there myself... not exactly a time I'd like to remember, in spite of some of the good things that came from it. I was such a terrible, edgy writer haha


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I was shocked to discover Xanga was still around earlier! Though it looks like they are in middle of a relaunch and will be using the WordPress software going forward. Those were my good ol’ emo days. 

Welcome to RPG Initiative!

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I also started on Xanga!!

They've actually been in process of rebooting with Wordpress for at least five years now so who knows if they'll actually relaunch.


In the meantime, welcome to RPG-I! c:

Simprovise: A Sims 4 RP
Plain of Ice
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Roleplay Architects
There comes a point when you have to realise that you'll never be good enough for some people.
The question is, is that your problem, or theirs?

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