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No Time to Say Goodbye, Hello.

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Hi Everyone.


I'm Kila, and I'm very straight forward and honest, occasionally blunt. I have a decent sense of humour and kindness. I've been married for 13 years, and we have no kids. We currently have three furbaby's, a Dobie named Nyx, a Bengal named Kasi, and another Bengal named Eevee. We're hoping for a Dalmatian this summer, and we are talking to a breeder. I am from Canada, and my husband works nights, so I'm generally around in the evening and throughout the night. I'm a stay at home, home care worker, and part-time web designer.  I've been Rp-ing for a very long time.

I started on Yahoo Groups. Other than Yahoo Groups, I've RP-ed on Livejournal, dead journal, AIM, Email, Jcink, and Proboards. I started Rp-ing with Sailor Moon, Slayers, Pokemon, Digimon, and other anime titles. I've done some apocalyptic, vampires, original sites, and fan sites. Currently, I am on and running a Post Harry Potter site on Proboards. I can't choose my favorite books, and there are just too many. I have read Cassandra Clare, PC Cast, and Alyson Noël, to name a few. Movies and TV shows in Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, historical, and Romance, to name a few genres. A few of my favorite movies is a Walk to Remember, A Knights Tale, and Marvel Movies. Music, like books and films, is vast, country, pop, rock, and rap, to name a few. Other than writing, I draw, paint, and even web design. My favorite color is forest green. My favorite drink is raspberry ice tea or hot apple cider, no alcohol.




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Raspberry iced tea is probably the best. Olive Garden has a peach-raspberry iced tea and I think I sucked down like three glasses of that in no time. Mom made a remark on how I must be parched. ❤️

Also, can I come steal your kitties? Bengals are soooo adorable. I have an obsession with orange kitties, and a lot of breeds have an orange tabby variation of their coat. The orange Bengal is probably, by far, my absolute favorite!

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