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How does your character react to insults?


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Some characters fire back with quick wit while others turn to violence. A few simply walk away. How do your characters react?

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Rowan is pretty 50/50 between snapping back and just going, "Oh, you expected me to care? Tragic. I'm better than you." 


Phoenix would just look at the person and kinda laugh before moving on. He doesn't have the time for that. 


Arthur would give them one chance to take it back and apologize before he most likely started a fight in a completely unnecessary way. 

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Depending on the scene if it's a harmless insult she'll find ways to later humiliate them and take pleasure in it. 

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i tend to most often play fiery characters who react aggressively to insults - either with a retort or by physical aggression. however, i do have a few pacifists or laid back/joker types who just smile and shrug it off

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With a viking duel to the death, of course.

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