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Why were you banned?

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I'm honestly just curious. For those of you that have been banned from sites, if you're willing to share, what was the reason? Did it make sense? Was it out of the blue? Was it over something stupid?

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I've only been banned once in all my time RPing. 

And it was because I was part of a site that was NOT a good fit for me. 


Here is story time:


I didn't like the admins at all, they were always on anon but constantly hawk-eyeing everything my friend and I wrote. It was so freaking uncomfortable. And while I did read their rules (multiple times) and saw that mature themes were allowed and they were 3-3-3, sex scenes had a weirdly worded rule (like it said to keep it tasteful but also said ftb but also to mark if it was mature, and there were sexual themes in other threads--I obsessively sought out M rated threads to make sure ours was in line with theirs, in terms of how detailed we were getting.) But I got accused of not reading their rules. Eh.


Even before we got to the sexy times point though, the admin kept hounding both of us over things our characters were doing. In one thread, our characters were having a cat fight and my friend's character grabbed my character's crotch because he didn't believe my character was male when he insisted that he was. My character was rightfully outraged and he kicked her character in the crotch in retaliation. We got nicely worded pms each, saying we had to mark the thread with a trigger warning for sexual assault. Okay, whatever. I'm not that tender on my sites but we went along with it because you know, trying not to be assholes. 


But things like that kept happening, and it's like, I understand that they want a safe space for their players but the two of us... are not that way and we were quickly realizing that we were NOT a good fit for this site (and I have since learned not to join any sites that boast being safe spaces.)


ANYWAY, so basically, my BFF and I were writing some pairings and one of the pairs got into sexy territory. The final straw was when staff said they were going to delete an ENTIRE THREAD we had going because they didn't like where it was going. (Fair enough, it was getting hardcore.) But in the moment, I lost my temper because I was so sick and tired of being constantly policed for every. Single. Post. I made. Like listen, I'm a grown ass adult, okay? I don't need to be hand held constantly about every post I make, because I like mature themes. So I deleted all my character apps and yoinked all our threads and I told the admin, yo, I tried to hang with you guys but I can't fucking do this shit anymore, see ya. Annnnd I was then banned, and so was my BFF, who didn't even delete her apps like I did, and didn't lose her temper (at them, but we were most certainly complaining to one another!) 


So let this be a lesson to all, as it was a lesson for me. Don't just "settle" for a site. Like, we wanted a pokemon site with fantasy elements and it was the only one we could find at the time so we "settled" but it was NOT the site for us, nor the staff for us. We eventually took what we did there onto our own site and continued there for as long as we were still interested. It was meant to be a break from our own site, to have fun and just be members but it was more like hell--for us. 


And listen, I know I was an asshole at the end there. I'm banned, so I can't apologize. But what it was, was a difference in what RP is to people and what kinds of things we want to RP and what we want to allow on our sites. Different strokes for different folks. 


It's the only time I've been banned though and I understand why. So that's my story. At the very least, it was a learning experience, if a frustrating one. 

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Posted (edited)

Playing heterosexual content with someone the group didn't like.


I was told to my face that I was fine and they wanted me to stay, but they didn't want my partner to stick around b/c she didn't RP with anyone else.... when no one else approached her lmao...


I don't believe in heterophobia mind u, but this was a clear-cut case of misogyny if I have ever seen one.

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This is a long story so TL;DR - I was on three sites that were mostly inhabited by the same group of friends. The same person bullied me off all three. Drama ensued and I ended up being banned from two of them after I'd already left. On one site, this was because I told members that the admin knew about the member bullying me and had decided to do nothing, which I backed up with screenshots. On the other site, I was banned after posting in their Discord's staff channel that I wanted my apps deleted because [admin's name] was a bully who told me I wasn't allowed to reuse my own characters and had reported me as a thief for doing so. Maybe not the most mature approach, but 100% truth all around. 


To my knowledge, these are the only two times I was banned, but both times involved the same people, so I kinda just count it as one. I was on three sites with the same core group of people. So what happened on one site OOC invariably affected the other two, because it was mostly the same people there. Each of the sites had different admins, but everyone was friends with everyone. I was the newcomer to everything, but at the time that all the drama went down, I'd been a part of the group for two years. I was on Site 1 for about a year before joining sites 2 and 3 around the same time. 


I developed a strong dislike for one of the members on Site 1. She was... pretty much everything you hear complained about. Metagamed, godmodded, complained when her writing partners posted to other people yet never posted herself, and on and on and on. She got away with it all because she was, somehow, the admins' pet on all three sites. I eventually simply told her that I didn't think we were compatible as writing partners but wished her the best. This was on Site 1. Eventually I agreed to give her a second chance as a writing partner on Site 2 and took a wanted for her. This went well for about six months before I started getting the feeling that she was targeting me OOC. I tried ignoring this but eventually told Site 2's admin. 


The admin told me that the member in question had decided that she didn't like how I was playing her wanted ad, and therefore wanted to bully me off the site. I was floored, as one might expect. I'd been roleplaying for about five or six years at the time and had never heard of someone deciding to bully someone off a site over something that had never been addressed in any way, or of the admin knowing about it and doing nothing. I asked the admin what she was going to do about this member. The admin said that since she and the member were good friends in real life, she wasn't comfortable doing anything to discipline them. 


Bitch what? 


I posted in the main channel of the Discord stating that I was leaving and then left the server. Hearing that the admin knew a member was bullying other members, and chose not to do anything about it because they were friends, just had me beyond belief. Thing was, I'd been on this site a year. I had over sixty characters, and about half of them were want ads and site canons and faction leaders. I was friendly with all the other members, helped them fit in, and reached out to all the newbies for threads. It sounds egotistical af to say it, but frankly, I was the site's darling and the most active person there. It was less than five minutes before I had people swarming my DMs wanting to know what had happened that I was leaving so abruptly.


At first I simply said I'd disagreed with the admin. Then I decided screw it, and told each and every one of them, with screenshots of my conversation of the admin to back it up. The site was dead inside three months. I'm usually not someone who tattletales, but honestly, I have no regrets about ratting out what this admin had done. She made a decision and she dealt with the consequences. And it wasn't a safe place for any of them if a bully was in charge of the site. 


With what happened on Site 2, I wasn't very keen to stay on the others. The bully in question was on both, and I knew she wasn't going to stop at getting me off one site. A few weeks after I left Site 2, she outright attacked me in the site server of site 1, insulting me, calling me names, and mocking my writing. I got tired after about an hour of this, told her to stop talking to me, and called her an immature bitch for throwing a temper tantrum in the main channel. The admin raged in and told me not to attack other members but didn't say a word against the bullying member. Nope. I left and so did several other members, including one who had tried breaking things up and had then gotten attacked himself (and subsequently chastised by the admin iirc). 


This left Site 3. I posted a leave of absence while I tried to figure out what to do here. I knew I didn't want to stay on a site where the bully and Site 2's admin were both members. I'm a smart person and the writing on the wall was in mile-high letters. Eventually I left a polite message that I was leaving but didn't state why. When people asked, I simply said that I'd had severe disagreements with two of the other members and didn't feel the site was a fit for me any more with the bad blood that had been created. Everyone who had been on this site, that I met afterwards, told me that the same member had made them so uncomfortable that they left. Three guesses as to who that member was. 


The break with Site 3 was amiable at first. Then one of the admins there... went insane, I guess. I'd reused an old character of mine to take her wanted ad. After leaving Site 3, I reused him on multiple other places and in a variety of genres. I'd changed a few things about him to fit him into the want ad and I decided to keep the broad details of a couple of them, while discarding most to return to the original version. Not the change in question, but to give context with something comparable: My character had never known his mother in his original iteration, but for the wanted ad, became close to her. When reusing, I made them confidants for a wholly different reason. I also kept the wanted's listed first name (changing his middle and last) and face claim, which were the only two things I directly reused. 


Admin flipped her shit on me claiming that I'd stolen the character from her. She even went as far as to report me to directory staff with "proof" that I'd ripped her character from her. Her proof was an app with all of my OOC information on it, so I don't know what she expected that to do, since all she proved was that I'd written the character. She was dismissed by directory staff but that wasn't good enough for her and she kept attacking me until I blocked her. I then went to Site 3's Discord and said in their staff channel that I wanted my apps deleted because [admin name] had been attacking me for reusing my own characters and trying to label me a thief. I got banned instead, and a friend who checked the site showed me a screenshot that the apps were still there. I messaged the other admin repeating my request, and the apps were moved to an admins-eyes-only forum rather than being deleted. I reported them to Jcink but never heard anything back. 


I was pretty mad at the time, but since then, honestly I just find it equal parts hilarious and pathetic. And it makes a great story for threads like this one! 

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I don't know if that counts as a ban, but since I was kicked out of the site either way, I guess it does.

Setting: RL site, rules seemed pretty chill, not a lot of characters, but that didn't bother me. Created first character, struggled a little finding plots for her, but fine. Whatever, it happens. Once I had filled the pre requisites, created second character - white male, popular FC, a massive douchebag.


One of the staff pings me for plotting. Yay, plots! Just... not the kind of plots this character would fit. Dude was a womanizer, but didn't really care that much about his conquest. Other writer wanted him to become a doting boyfriend for her character. I explained this would mean playing him out of character. Other writer insisted this was the only way the characters could be together.


After some back and forth, I ended up declining the thread, I'm sorry, not gonna work, etc, and going to bed.


Woke up the next day, went to check the site... all of my accounts (including OOC) had been moved to inactive.


I still scratch my head over it to this day. 

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I'm normally banned for stupid reasons because I tend to speak my mind or tell the blunt and honest truth.


Like once, I was literally banned from a site I wasn't even a member of for simply pointing out they had an actors name wrong - They wrote David Gillies instead of Daniel Gillies.

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