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A few days ago, my beautiful high fantasy role-play site BTACD turned 17 years old. Seventeen!! Seventeen wonderful years of incredible stories, spun by an amazing userbase in an immersive, largely member-built universe. We have tons of active people, new posts and characters every day, spectacular plots, no drama, and I have the best staff team I've ever had. As its admin and founder, I look back on the journey and am completely over the moon with joy.


I began this project when I was ten years old, using dial-up internet on one of those giant grey block Macs, as a dragon-based Neopets guild. I had no idea what I was doing, and oh my goodness the things I put down in writing were absolutely terrible! Since then, we have created ten different and complete worlds, over 90 species with  200 subspecies, and enough (albeit mostly optional 😛 ) lore to fill 8 full-length novels. We release new content every month, run monthly events and contests, and everything runs so smoothly that I can't say how proud of an admin I am.


Here's to many, many more years crafting stories in the worlds of By Tooth And Claw Dragons!

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