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Multiplayer games!

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Lets get some people together here!


Suggest some games!

A free one that you can get right now is a 4 player game "World War Z" which is a zombie shooter for 4 players! It's available on Epic!


Suggest some and lets exchange some IDs so we can play with each other.

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I'm horrible when it comes to suggesting or picking games, however, I do have Steam and PS4. 


Steam: Grimscythe (display name) mrsblunder (username)
PS4: Grimscythe90

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I've been playing a lot of Magic: The Gathering on MtG Arena which is free to play. I usually use budget decks of my own making but they also supply you with decks as you move through and complete the tutorial (YAY free cards). My gamer tag for Arena is Minxer13#65402


I've also been playing Sims 4 a lot, well mostly building houses from floor plans and stuff to try and improve my abilities. I recently tried building the Golden Girls house but I've got mixed feelings about it lol. My gamer tag for Origin is Minxie13


The only other game I play at the moment is Final Fantasy XIV. I'm on the Cactuar server and my main is Mika Tsutome.

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Xbox gamertag: jandaaaa

Ps4 gamertag: moontoast


I also have Origin & Steam but play mostly on my consoles. When I am playing i'm usually on Red Dead Online. 

Really keen to get animal crossing soon, and I have heard stardew valley has now gone multiplayer ?

Super stoked admin at


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