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Have you ever been on/Adminned that one site that completely changed your philosophy about something?

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If so, how and why?








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I used to believe a dead Discord/C-Box meant a dead site, but the current site I consider my main one changed my philosophy because we've had over 4000 posts in a month during a time nobody was talking on the Discord.





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Mine is actually a twofer. Both sites changed my mentality on RP almost completely. For context, I used to be one of those 'if you can't consistently pump out 1.5k words per post with Shakespearean level prose, your writing is bad and you should feel bad' types of jerks, though I never vocalized that outside of a small group of friends that felt the same way. A friend who could never quite keep up with that roped me into helping her admin her site. I RPed with some other people who couldn't keep up with those walls of text I threw down, and actually had some fun plots. At the same time, I joined a site with an interesting premise, and the owner was a control freak. She would comb through new posts, and if you had anything less than precisely her 400 word minimum, you'd be chastized and could even get booted for it. Being forced to meet a minimum length made something... snap, for lack of a better word, in me.


Thanks to all of that, I've decided I don't care nearly as much about writing novels back and forth, although if I'm in the mood for it, I can get a good 1k words without breaking a sweat. I still think that the whole "a good roleplayer can progress a plot with a single word" thing is hyperbolic, but I'm nowhere near as neurotic as I used to be. Give me detail and something to work from, and I'm happy.

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I used to think that it was 'just the way rp is' when every single thread went on until it eventually fizzled out. That was how threads 'ended' they just died off! Until my current site and writing partner changed my expectations completely. I've wrapped up dozens if not hundreds of threads in my 2.5 years there. Actually had whole plot arches happen. It used to seem wild. I'd sit around waiting for the other shoe to drop. I even thought "how did I get such a good writing partner?! what happens when she flakes?" but that never happened. In fact our little circle grew. Now it's my normal exception of most threads and writers.

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