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Are Current Events Impacting Your Genre Preferences?

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I wouldn't say that is has swayed me in one way or another in regards to what I prefer to roleplay. To be fair, I don't think the apocalypse genre has ever been one of my favorites, but even with that in mind, it hasn't made me feel like I don't necessarily want to roleplay that genre. If anything, the pandemic has made me want to roleplay more if that counts! I have a bit more free time on my hands, sort of, and I feel the need to be creative.


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Mine hasn't really changed much, though I have found myself gravitating a tiiiiiny bit more toward my zombie apocalypse type stuff. There's virtual LARP events going on in one of my favorite settings (Dystopia Rising) so I've been participating in that a bunch. I have 2 characters in the setting and am having a blast.



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Other than time.  It has created perhaps more time for writing as some of our typists were out of work. We have tinkered with running something like this pandamenic within the supernatural world but we have not yet decided whether its something everyone would be comfortable.



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In some ways. I think I might be more particular about certain genres now, more critical about aspects that I might have chosen to overlook until now. I still enjoy the same genres but yeah, not everything about them works for me anymore. 

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It's not changed the operation of my site (given it's whimsical and wuxia fantasy) but I've definitely myself been more hesitant to look at sites which are urban fantasy or post-apocalyptic since the pandemic began, because it's been a bit too 'real' for me and I prefer escapism in my writing - I worry enough out of the real pandemic as a father of 2 toddlers to try to find escapism in an equaly dark (or more dark) RP world.

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