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Do you openly discuss all of your characters?

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from a member standpoint, i mean if you... want to not discuss your characters that works? it's a little unusual but sure if you want to keep them secret, go for it? most of the sites i run or am on we have a who's who list or sub-accounts attached to a main account so it's generally moot. however, from a staff standpoint i would want to know who was played by who - because if someone was consistently breaking the same rules, but with different characters and i didn't know who played that character, i wouldn't be able to appropriately handle the situation.

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I've never given this topic much thought. We have a member directory and such, but honestly I can see why, in certain instances, some people might want to have their characters split up. I heard about some bullying in private messages happening on one site I was on, which in of itself is toxic and was handled when it was brought to the admin's attention, and the author made characters on a new account to escape the person who was pressuring them for specific plots. I think sometimes people just want a new alias or want to separate themselves for different reasons. I wouldn't judge them for it. I've never had anyone purposely hide what characters are attached to their account though. 

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While I agree with it being easier to plot when all your characters are revealed, I almost always start out new characters as separate and secret because I want to establish them in their own right and not have any preconceived notions come from me or other characters I play. Once they are somewhat established though, I generally don't mind whether people know or not ... except I am occasionally embarrassed by the amount of characters I have and my apparent lack of self control in making new ones. 

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