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Does your character have pets?


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Most of my pet owners are just the standard dogs and cats in varying amounts, but my boy, Ares, owns a savannah monitor that basically roams around the house like a dog, named Bentley because "he's an absolute unit" according to Ares, and a hamster named Cheese Sandwich. I don't get the logic on Bentley's name, but characters gonna do what characters gonna do.

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Yes, my main character Flahme has a huge long-hair ginger furball of a cat called Quincy.  Me and my writing partner decided we didn't want rp children so we have Quincy instead. This actually came about because the face claim my writing partner uses has a ginger cat called Quincy.  This means we have pics of him and the cat to hand for our gallery.


My other character Jack did have a cat, a Norwegian Forest Cat called Hercules, but since I have effectively moved him from where he was (the character not the cat) I will probably start his story over again. He may or may not end up with a pet, though I did have fun with the story that brought Hercules into being.


We have also built headquarters in Japan in my RP forum, which is able to house dragons. I'm really hoping someone turns up who wants a dragon as a pet.

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My characters do have pets!

My OC Leo is a potterverse character and he has an owl and a dog. 



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Mine tend not to have pets; in fact, a number of my characters don't like the idea of keeping pets at all (love animals, but I do play a whole host of finicky grouches). In my TTRPG game, though, I do have a cleric who keeps a mouse called Boo about her person, although she wouldn't consider him a pet, but more of a companion (he could leave whenever he wanted to).


PS, that art is gorgeous! 

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My character Finn has a German shepherd named Atlas and he’s a good boy. Jude has a bunch of birds. Ezra has seven cats. Just to name a few. A lot of my characters have pets. 

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My 1920s RPG character, Lucian, has a green iguana named Imelda.

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My gifted Human, Misha, has a Russian Blue born without a tail. She's modeled after my own Batty Koda. I haven't yet figured out pets for my other characters yet.


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One did. Plain old human had a couple rescue pups. So just regular dogs, one predominantly german shepherd, the other more or less golden retriever. He'd had dogs all his life, living on a farm. But then in some random happenstance thread he gets infected by a wereblack-footed cat of all things. Dogs freak out on him because site lore (at the time) was that normal animals react to weres as apex predators, so he had to get rid of them. He was very sad.

Because magic can be wibbly, many many months later when the lore changed and he eventually found out animals don't auto-aggro anymore, they already had happy new homes. It's bittersweet or whatever. Idk, it gives me feels.

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One of my characters has an African Fat-Tailed Gecko! I love ‘em. Another used to have a cat for a short period but then one thing led to another and she had to find a new home for him.

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Ahaha... I have a char who in every incarnation somehow ends up with a pet weasel named Pilu. Does not matter the story. Always a weasel named Pilu that steals everything and he pretends to hate it but really loves it, but it's a pain in his ass.

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A lot of my current characters couldn't have pets for a long while. It hurt me a lot. But a recent lore change to our site made it possible for them to have pets now. I already got one a really nice cat named Sadie, and I have high hopes for another getting a dog as soon as he figures out they don't hate him now. Otherwise, I almost always give my characters pets, typically cats or dogs, occasionally other things. To me, having some aspect of fur or feather to a character is important.

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Odd question for me because i've mostly animal rp'd for the majority of the 20 years I've been at it. I will say that in some fantasy sites you can familiars, and my characters almost always have lions or red deer as their familiars because those are my favorites. Whenever I have done human rp's of any sort though I always have pets with my characters, because they've been an integral part of my own life.

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Most of mine have pets. Usually pretty standard dogs and cats.


Seth has an assortment of Great Danes and Pit bull-type dogs depending on what age I'm playing him. He's also got a couple of horses. 


Asche has a python named Kaa that likes to escape his enclosure and go exploring. 


Red raised Alaskan sled dogs in his youth. As an adult he's got an ultra prissy wooly coated Siberian Husky named Sheba. 


In his original tale, Mykola had a snow leopard and bred carnivorous horses. 




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Mayterial has no pets of her own but on the latest cargo run they were asked to transport a cat. The cat escaped its confines... one of the crew, who is already super paranoid about the morality of the Captain, is very allergic and thought the cat was brought in to assassinate her. I think Mayterial is cured of wanting a pet for now 😛 

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