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I'm going to start this off by saying that while I've done forum RP for years, the way a lot of people here on RPG-I do things is a little foreign to me. I've been able to wrap my head around most of it by looking at different sites, but advertising is the one thing that kind of eludes me in general because there seems to be so much variation.


  • Where do you generally advertise non-Jcink sites? Other RP sites? Tumblr? Here? Is there anywhere that sending ads/links seems like a waste of time?
  • What do you generally expect to see in an ad? Fancy graphics? A text description of the site? Links to specific parts of the site?
  • What do you like/not like to see on an ad? What makes you personally check out a site based on its ad? Graphics? The site's concept? Something else?


I'm not asking for anyone's super secret Krabby Patty advertising formula, but I'd like to get a general perspective on the matter, regardless if you're the one doing the advertising or only seeing it.

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My sites aren’t Jcink. I advertise in directories and add my site links to my signatures for added visibility. Every so often I do site to site advertising. If it says Jcink only I skip it. Tumblr advertising did nothing for me but I admit to not using it regularly enough for it to make any mark. 

I generally expect an ad to be an image and at least one link to the site that says enter or the site name or home. 

what makes me check out a site based on the ad is the name and genre. There are certain genres I’m much less interested in, like Harry Potter or furry sites. But I’m very interested in original fantasy or modern fantasy or au non canon sites based on fandoms I like. 

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For a while I was big on doing site to site, but recently have begun to drop that. I will do Link Backs to sites that advertise on mine but no more than that. Directories and Tumblr make up the biggest part of my advertising. I stopped doing Discord ads because it's basically the same as the site they are attached to. I'll also go through those looking for sites and see if we might be a fit for someone.


I keep it simple with a graphic for the site, basic info, and on the Tumblr ad have been making things a little more monthly changed than the same one over and over. I also encourage the members to write the ad when it comes time to switch it up to take things from their perspective. I also do affiliates with mostly the same genre that we're in but I have a few that aren't for variety.


If I'm actually looking at ads for myself, eye candy isn't a big deal to me. I look for the genre I'm interested in, story base for the site, rules, and may poke at some wanteds to see what they're like. If those things are there to grab me, then I'll usually look a little deeper from there. I don't look at ads on a site. I usually go with directories, word of mouth, or affiliates. That's just me though.



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