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Text: Heroes of Thedas
Images Requested: Dragon Age themed, but feel free to use what I've managed to create so far - here and here. Or get creative with it, up to you.
Size:  88px wide by 31px tall
Colors: I'm flexible on this but I've used dark red, grey, and gold.
To be used on: affiliate sites, my current badge is terrible.

Other: this is for my RPG website. I'll credit you here when I replace my old badge (I told you, it's real bad lol).


Thank you in advance!


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Hey! Here's a few different variants on an aff button. Photoshop has been bugging out on me a bit with fonts, so they're just basic pixel fonts but they should work okay I'd think. Fancy stuff tends to be unreadable that small anyway lol Don't feel like you have to use all (or any tbh) of them, but I figured I'd give you a few variations.


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Candide: An original dystopian RPG

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These are great, thank you!


I tried re-doing mine in Photoshop as well and it turned out a bit better than my last try. It was hard to find a text font that was legible because badges are s'uuuh small.


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No prob! Happy to help!

And yeah, badges are always tough because of the size. I find pixel fonts for most of the text work best since they're designed to be tiny, and maybe like... the first letter of your site's name in a fancier font (like the one in my sig). Using layer effects (the little FX button under the list of layers) can do wonders for some fonts when they're smaller though!

Candide: An original dystopian RPG

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