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When the Magic Happens

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I have talked with other writers about this, so I think it is a fairly common occurrence, but I wondered if any of you had also experienced the 'magic'. I'm referring to that moment when you begin a character and have some preconceived notions of what they are about and who they are only to find things go in a different direction as if the character has taken over.


One of my characters did this majorly to me recently. I wanted to create an angel that began as a human serial killer that somehow conned his way into heaven. The plan was to send him back to earth as an angel, irreverent and with a devil may care attitude as he took up his hobby of killing humans. Most likely bisexual though he wasn't that interested in a partner due to his anti social disorders.


I started writing his backstory and it was as if mid writing he stopped me and said, "No, let me show you who I am. You got me wrong." 


My irreverent, murderous angel  became this wonderfully complex gay man who finds love unexpectedly in heaven and learns to be more human than he ever was.  He is so broken yet strong and learning to make the most of his second chance at life when returned to earth.


I love him so much, but he is nothing like I first thought him to be. I love when this happens. Have you had a similar experience?

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Yes! I love that feeling oh so much. In fact it's why I keep writing and rping, no matter how many times I tell myself to stop.


I recently started writing a character for a fandom. Now, I don't really do fandoms often but this is one that really speaks to me. The character started off as an idea, sort of like an 'if I ever do this, here's a guy I can use', but when I started writing him, he almost completely strayed from his original idea and took on a life of his own. He's an easy character to write, for the most part, but sometimes I feel like I'm at odds with him.


Kinda makes me sad that I'll probably never write him again once that thread is done... I feel like I know him so well, but at the same time I don't know him at all.


I'm so invested in him... like... I only just recently actually started putting notes together in a sort of messy, unfinished character sheet, mostly for reference. I've also started writing out scenes, trying to flesh out his relationships with his family to get a better understanding of him. I mean, maybe he isn't the best character out there, though I think that topic is kind of subjective, but I digress, I love this guy to pieces.


But yeah, it's such a wonderful feeling. You know you have an absolute gem in your hands when it happens, if you ask me.

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Oh yes, I know that feeling well! 


One of my boys is a werewolf, and an identical twin. When I first made them, he was more of a violent little shit with nothing but drinking, fighting, and sex on the mind. I thought he was this super shallow and impulsive thing, but he quickly showed me that while he does love sleeping around, he does have standards. Hes super picky, and after two years of writing them I'm still learning new things about them. 


The same goes for one that I've been writing for 13 years now. Hes still showing me new facets of his personality, depending on what kind of situation I put him in. Its amazing how even after so long they always show you new things. Its one of the reasons I keep writing them. 

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