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Gods & Monsters reached 3 years this month and... I have never been on a site, let alone admined a site, that has lasted this long. My wonderful staff and fellow founder ( Violet, Orli, and Kat) have helped make this possible and have stuck by me even when I've been a little batty. Thank you for that and thank you for being great friends.  I love you guys. 

But all of this would never had reached this point without all the wonderful members we have,  who have brought so much to G&M. Your ideas, characters, and everything else you bring to the site are what gives it life. I'm truly honored to be able to talk to guys nearly every day and many of you have been with us from the start or close to it. It's just a beautiful thing to see and I hope you all know you're incredibly appreciated. Each and every one of you. ❤️

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