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So, I have always loved family when creating characters. I think family forms characters. 

Bruce Wayne, for example, would never have become Batman without his family dynamic.


That being said I’ve changed and evolved some of my family dynamics over the years. Have you?


I’d love to hear stories about family dynamics evolving or otherwise. 

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Personally, I really like having my characters find their family onsite — being able to write characters growing closer together is my jam because while it may not be perfect, the issues that come up are great to tackle. Right now, I have that going on, on my current site + with my fantastic roleplay partners. 


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Family members usually aren't important to the overall story I'm telling most of the time, and usually the ones I flesh out the most are siblings. My main Zoids character gets to be the cool older brother, so I've fleshed out his two younger siblings, but not so much their parents.

I'd say my Yu-Gi-Oh! characters have the most fleshed out family. The twins are pretty much my primary characters for the RP, so they have each other, their dead Dad was a World Champion duelist and has become their sort of Uncle Ben character, and their mom retired from the pro league, so she's around and becomes relevant from time to time. I also have their uncle established.

But those are really the only times I've gone into much detail with a character's family. Usually my characters have them, their childhoods or home lives are good, but their families just aren't relevant.

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For my main Flahme, family is very important but her dad is an NPC. I've toyed with the idea of having him be played by someone but I want their relationship to go in a very specific manner.


My other current characters don't have strong family ties. They make their family from the people they draw to them.


I do wonder what it would be like to be part of a big RP family so I will delve into that when I have more time.  My site, TWW has loads of family possibilities.

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I tend to put Wanteds up for family since it's an instant-in for others without having to worry too much about how they mesh. After all: you don't choose your family.

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