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Hello! Name's Cheshire. I'm no good at talking about myself so bear with me. This might end up really short or real long, I'm not sure.


I've been doing this for a few years now. I'm not good with dates so I'm not sure how long exactly but less than a decade for sure. I prefer abilities or animal RPs. Currently, I'm the admin of a site that I'm trying to grow. I'm excited for it. I've got lots planned so I hope it can get a bit bigger.


My goal is to become a veterinarian. I love animals and would welcome any pet pics. I love to read as well. I've a preference towards fantasy/adventure novels. The Arc of a Scythe trilogy by Neal Shusterman is a favorite of mine. I'm also big on foreign languages. I love learning new languages. I've three under my belt currently, English, Cantonese, and Spanish, and am currently learning French and Japanese. I'd love a chance to use them though I don't promise to be any good.


I don't really know what else to say so guess this is it. 

Ramis Fatorum

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I prefer animals as well. I have done humans and enjoy it well enough but never really stuck with them. I am currently roleplaying lions and have been on the same site for a few years now.

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Agreed, humans are fun and all but they never caught my attention as much. I've never done a lions one. I've always stuck with wolves or all animal sites.

Ramis Fatorum

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If you want to give them a go, let me know. Our site has a touch of fantasy, like a wide range of colors and markings, without being overboard. 

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