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Thoughts on word count

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Personally, I do find this sort of structure and guideline helpful, but as a hard rule, I'm pretty opposed. I've been on sites with a word count in the past and while arguments to the contrary could certainly be made, I think it's a pretty lazy and blunt instrument for monitoring quality. Sometimes a brief and quippy reply is really what's appropriate for the character and situation, and not everyone gets as lost in thought as my stream of consciousness writing tends to entail.

Some writers with different, equally valid styles can suffer and stress due to these kinds of constrictions, and I find attentive, compassionate staff to be a much better means of quality assurance. Insofar as that even needs to happen?

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Personally, I'd say a word count isn't going to stop me from joining a site I really like, but it is going to affect how active I am on the site in general, and a site with a word count is one of the

As I always say, build the site for the people you want to join, not for the people that you think you should expect. If you want a word count because it makes you/your staff more comfortable, impleme

I use a personal annual word count to pressure me to keep writing regularly. It has graphs, is color-coded, and shows tangible goals that I will eventually reach if I try.   That is helpful

I used to be on a lot of sites where word counts were important and I always felt like it hindered my creativity. I do my best to strive to mirror the approximate length of the other writer’s posts (not always possible but I try), however I’ve never had any positive experiences with word counts myself. 🤔

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Word counts are absolutely not helpful for me or for the type of people I write with. They only make sense if you have a memberbase that you consistently can't trust to give their partners enough to work with. I used to write with word counts, very small ones even, but I absolutely  hate them now and want nothing to do with them. My posts are not always short, not always long, usually middle a paragraph or two or three, and I don't want to waste time counting anything or worry about it. If I can give sufficient reply in a conversational situation in a sentence or two, I don't want to give OR receive more than that. Word counts create conversation stacking, and conversation stacking is detrimental to progress.

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