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Your Name: Cheshire
Link to your site: link
Link to your staff account on the RPGhere
What you are looking to have reviewed: I'm curious if there's too much lore information and if it should be compacted. I'm also wondering if the look in general could be improved.

Ramis Fatorum

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I'm not taking too deep of a dive into the site here, but I'll definitely give you my first impressions as though I was looking to join your site. I'll also say that I'm by no means an expert on animal RPs or Proboards (I haven't been on a Proboards site in over a decade, honestly), so I apologize if I can't fill in any gaps that are directly related to either of those things. If you need any further explanations or help with any of this, I'm happy to help where I can. Just let me know (@ me, or shoot me a PM).



I'll say right off, I don't think there's an issue of too much lore here, but more an issue of organization, and unnecessarily repeated information. Condensing things down without removing info (except where its repeated) would probably be the best way to go about fixing this imo. It feels like a lot because its so spread out, and honestly 90% of the threads could be combined without things seeming unwieldy. As a general rule, if you can't go from the site index to lore within 2-3 clicks without using a quick start guide, consider it buried and assume that nobody is ever going to read it.


What I would suggest doing is come up with a standard form based on the information you have for each pack/guild. For example, there's the general description, ranks/how to rank up, specialties, and key events. Then the other stuff that is pack-specific would go towards the bottom of the thread. Dividing things by sections in the OP of the thread as opposed to posting multiple comments/threads tends to make information easier to process and retain. Start each section (or even paragraph) with the most general information, and then get more specific towards the end. If your information threads feel excessive at that point, consider further breaking things down into more sub-sections, and assess if there's any fluff. As an aside, The Vertok seem rather hastily put together and sparse compared to the other two packs in the The Three Packs thread.


I've also noticed that there's a lot of little spelling and grammar issues throughout the lore. Most instances where you've used "their's" is incorrect, tenses are getting switched around, and so on. Running your lore pages through Word or something like Grammarly when you're done should catch most of this. You can also get a friend to proofread things, or even utilize your members with a grammar/spelling bounty (they show you where the issue is and how to correct it, and you give them a few points) to get this part down.


Lastly, some of the information isn't quite making sense to me, could be worded better, or flat-out seems to be contradicting itself. I'm going to bullet point the ones that I've noticed, and my suggestions for them. There may be others, but these are the ones I've noticed, and proofreading/offering a bounty may help catch the others:

-The bit about ranks being banned/discouraged/encouraged on the main page feels not only poorly communicated because its vague, but unnecessary at the moment, and could be better communicated. I'd suggest putting a "some ranks may be limited at times" in the rules or character creation, and then post a thread in the creation forum when it becomes an issue.

-Unless I misread something, the rules state that members are allowed two high ranking wolves, but the Pack Leaders thread states that you're allowed three? Also, what are considered high ranking wolves? These ranks should be listed (even in brackets) where the rule is stated, as well as clearly marked when you explain each rank. This'll help avoid confusion.

-The Records Threads thread doesn't quite make sense to me. Perhaps there's something missing information-wise, or it just needs to be explained a little better... Or I just need some more coffee, which honestly could be it.

-Your "Welcome" thread reads awkwardly like its halfway between a "this is our basic plot" thread and a quick start guide. You can definitely combine both approaches, but going back to a previous point, utilizing sections and headings would definitely help bring this all together. At the moment, it feels hastily thrown together.

-Not really a lore thing, but as a guest, I can post in all of the packs' subforums and figured that wasn't intentional/should be mentioned.



Aesthetically, the site looks pretty good. A responsive/mobile-friendly theme wouldn't hurt, but I've heard that getting Proboards to play nice like that is an absolute nightmare, so I'll just leave that at that. The biggest issue I have with the look of the site is the font sizes. They're all over the place, and honestly way too small overall - and this is coming from someone with pretty good eyesight in general. It seriously needs to be increased to 14px or larger across the board (10pt is absolutely miniscule), as anyone with poor eyesight or on a mobile device isn't going to be able to read your site. If people can't read your site, they're not going to join or even tell you they can't read it so this one is a pretty big issue. I'd also consider adding a rule asking members to not decrease the font size, or simply hide the button from them. Also, double check your font sizes in general, as some of them flat-out change mid-word.


I've also got a few other nit-picky kind of things that I figured I'd mention. They're not nearly as important, and more of suggestions, so do with these what you will:
-Some of your forum description images are warped/the aspect ratio is off. Add "img { object-fit: cover; }" at the top of your CSS to prevent this from happening globally across the site, regardless of where the image is or how its resized. This'll also help fix where your members' avatars end up repeating because they're not quite large enough (I noticed it happening on Nuala's posts, for example).

-The posts, likes, and money bits in your mini profiles look a little bland compared to the rest of the site, like they were just slapped on at the end. Perhaps give them a background colour or other styling so they match a little better.

-The 'create thread' button is kind of hidden. I'm not sure if that's where Proboards users expect it to be, but making it stand out a tiny bit more might be a good idea.

-I'd suggest moving your Cbox(es) up to be another tab where you've got your site info at the top of the page. It feels a little weird scrolling, and having something anchored to the bottom of the page.

-I don't think this is possible on Proboards, but if there's a way, shrinking down your hero image (the "Ramis fatorum" bit above your breadcrumb navigation) when you're on a page other than your site's index would be ideal. That, or use a script to start the page scrolled past this. Having to scroll past it on every page is definitely one of those 'first world problem' things, but you'll make members and guests with smaller screens very happy.

Candide: An original dystopian RPG

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