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Species that you wish were used more often

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So I have some custom races that I love but there are so many fantasy races, sci-fi races, aliens whatever! Some of the most commonly used are things like Vampires, werewolves, faeries, angels, demons etc. But what about other fantasy races/species etc.


I plan to use these in my next Sci-FI site.

Gorgons (Like Medusa)



I'm using a few custom races based on mythical creatures of the Manticore and Chimera which are basically mutated shifters/werewolves.


However, I'm curious as to what you think would be cool to see in an RP and maybe even why?



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ALL the species! \o/


I really wish there were more species in general on fantasy sites. Most of what you see are humans, elves, dwarves, sometimes dragons and gryphons - but what about chimeras, gargoyles, merfolk, hippocampi, basilisks, sphinxes, etc etc etc? Mythology is filled with amazing things to pull from, tons of untapped potential!


That's why my fantasy site, BTACD, has so many species - over 90 now, with a good mix of traditional fantasy races and custom ones. And we're always adding more, and improving upon what we already have. I'd love to see more sites take this path, and really open up freedom for anyone who wants a good taste of high fantasy!


Races/mythological concepts I reaaally want to plan on doing someday: bake-kujira, leshy, sleipnir, wihwin, cheeroonear...

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