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Real-World Country Guide Advice

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So, I'm in the very beginning stages of reviving an old site that is set outside of the US, and its got me thinking. Most of us could write a character that feels pretty American without too much trouble, either by virtue of living in the US or because a lot of English-language media is Americanized these days, but what about characters from other English-speaking countries?

As a born-and-raised resident of the country I'm setting the site in, I've found that most of what you find on Google and what people think they know about us is woefully incorrect, or just plain based on really disgusting and harmful racial stereotypes. I know I'm not going to be able to mitigate all of that with a neat little guide, but it would be nice to have something that helps members along, and that I can point to/pull from. I just want to take down as many potential barriers as I can, and generally make the site as accessible/easy to jump into as possible while removing at least some of the intimidation factor surrounding RPing in a place/culture you're not familiar with.

Now, for the discussion part... I'm curious as to what sorts of resources you'd like to see on an RP site for a real world country that you're not familiar with? Things like language quirks/slang, common laws that differ from the U.S. (like drinking/driving age and such), holidays and customs, foods, and so on. Basically, what would you want or need to know when creating characters from a given country and RPing in the setting in general? No detail is too small either! I want to know literally anything you'd be wondering about because weird little details come up all the time in RPs, and if its useful for one person, that's good enough to me!

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