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I'm a roleplayer who has been writing with others since June 1998. I love to world build and I have more characters than I will ever admit to.


I learned to rp on The Land of Karchan MUD, where I've been an admin since October 2012. It has nurtured my love of writing over the years, and I try to give back to the community when I can.


My favorite genres to rp are fantasy and horror, but since my wife is also a roleplayer, I also get my fair share of romance plots because we can't help ourselves.


I rp characters of all kinds, from good-neutral-evil, to characters that fall into the LGBTQ+ category. I've even made custom races for Karchan that people can play if they want to.


I have a pretty creative mind, and RP has been a great outlet for me.


It will be nice to meet everyone!


Have a good day!


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